Look at This! Look at That! Received from China, Taiwan, & the U.S.


Look at all of that cake!  It came to me from Xianyang, China, thanks to the Postcrossing Forum “China Meets the World” tag trade.  The sender gives me greetings from China, and says:

“I’m a 13-year-old student…I love summer. 😛 But I hate the rain.  It let me feels cold & upset.  =I  I had an exam last week but I’m not sure that I can get a nice grade…. If you want to try some Chinese food, hot pot is a good choice.  It’s spicy but delicious.”

Look at the fish!  That piece of art was created by a swap-bot member in Olympia, Washington, who entitled her piece “There’s Always a Bigger Fish in the Sea.”  She describes her work:

“It’s mixed media with pencils, ink, water-color, & jelly roll pens.  I sprayed it with a layer of clear acrylic, so I hope it makes it to you safely.”

Look at those beautiful deer!  They came to me from a Postcrosser in Tainan, Taiwan, and she tells me:

“I’m an eighteen years old student in Taiwan.  Painting and photography are my favorite, and I also watch movie and read novels in my free time.”

Hey, it’s a good stamp day:


One thought on “Look at This! Look at That! Received from China, Taiwan, & the U.S.

    June 12, 2016 at 5:49 am Reply Edit
    I need to get on the forums… For some reason they intimidate me. I don’t get how the different games and trades and tags work. D: Any suggestions on where to start?

    Avery, I was typing your reply, when somehow I deleted both my reply in progress, AND your original comment! I’m glad I had it open in another tab so that I could at least copy/paste, and HOPE you see this.

    I like Postcrossing Forum, in part because it allows more contact with countries in which I am particularly interested. I have not even clicked on the majority of the areas of the forum; I tend only to visit tags/postcards. The path to that is as follows:
    * forum.postcrossing.com/
    * Tags, Trades, Notebooks, Round Robins and Pen-Pals
    * Tags – postcards only

    I think once you find that area, things are pretty simple. Let me know if you need more suggestions/help!


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