Least-Influential Factor: Sent to the Netherlands

I drew another Postcrossing name this morning.  This user is a nurse in Oss, Netherlands, and I saw that I happened to have one of her “favorites” in my Postcard stash.  I’m not usually one to send postcards in envelopes, but I did in this instance because:

  1. She said she preferred receiving her postcards in envelopes (least-influential factor in my decision)
  2. She said she’d love getting a few canceled stamps from senders’ countries (eh)
  3. I happen to have a little stash of envelopes I’ve made from recyclables (most-influential factor)

Here’s what she gets!


That SF United Airlines travel image reminds me of the beautiful art they turned out to promote Hawaii.  I wonder if there are postcards of those very inviting images!

BTW: In the last 24 hours or so, I’ve received Postcrossing “Hurray” messages that 2 of of my postcards have reached their destinations:

  • A card I send to Estonia took 9 days (5,551 miles);
  • A card to Russia took 49 days (5,879 miles).

That extra 328 miles really makes a difference, huh?


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