Stamping Out the Disappointassortment!

I may have mentioned The Disappointassortment before: that blind variety of postcards I mistakenly ordered online, because the price was too good to be true.  It was, truly, too good to be true: look at this hideous lot.


Look at that hideous lot.  If any of them look good, that’s just my mad photography skillz.

Of course, that’s just a few of them.  How many were there?  A hundred?  Well, some have gone off in swap-bot “shove a bunch of postcards in an envelope & mail them off to someone” trades.  Of course, in order to avoid the dreaded bad swap-bot rating, I had to add more cards than were called for, and make sure that in addition to Disappointassortment cards, I put in several nice postcards.  Some of the d’ssortment happened to match people’s wishes, and I think a few more still will.  I do need to chip away at the grand lot that have been begging me to either recycle them, or spackle over them, though.  So I’ve finally grabbed the spackle Mod Podge!  The cards above have been refaced; please observe:





I hope you think I have stamped out hideous postcards!

10 thoughts on “Stamping Out the Disappointassortment!

  1. The stamp collages are awesome! Though I still am liking at least a third of the disappointassortment pics that I see. XD The animals and creepy objects/architecture pics are great. I would so just write an ongoing horror story to one of my postcard pals with them…

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    1. I totally agree with you Averyht! I would haven gone for the flowery cards and the lantern though… I love the cards the way they look now too! And I am lucky enough to have one of these “lets cover some hideousness with stamps” cards, they are just as pretty in real life as they are on the blog.

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