Special & Delicious Food–& Also Peanuts: Received from Germany, Japan, & Taiwan

I’ve been several days lately with no postcard love in my mailbox.  Yesterday was no such day!  I love every scrap.


That awesome Charlie Brown postcard at top left is from a Postcrosser in Hamburg, Germany.  She told me she was writing postcards while on her break during a night shift.  I’d had that card on my Postcrossing favorites, and I see the copy of the card I had marked was also sent by a (different) Germany Postcrosser.  I stared hard at the printing info line on the back of my card, and see it is indeed produced in Germany.

The “Taiwan is a happy land” card came from a Postcrosser in Miaoli, Taiwan.  All of the happy things pictured make me want to be in that country right now!  The sender tells me:

“I love delicious food too.  There are many special and delicious food in Taiwan.  This card and stamps show you about it.  I hope you will love this card as well.”

The stamps, yes, they are delicious!  I’ve included a scan at the bottom of this post.

Everything below the aforementioned two postcards is a surprise from a Peanuts-pal in Tokyo, Japan.  Wow!  That envelope: I think the original iterations of the characters–the first couple of years or so of the strip–are the absolute-best looking, and here they are!  I also especially like that card covered with images depicting Linus & Snoopy’s relationship.  On her note, which spans a couple of the postcards, my friend tells me (among other things) about a Japanese dish I don’t recall hearing about before:

“I’m into eating “Taco-Rice.”  Have you eaten that?  This is taco (Mexican food) and rice mix together.  I like to add some vegetables on Taco-Rice.  For example, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, and so on, and besides, tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes.  I LOVE TOMATOES!! I like vegetables, so vegetables taste good without dressing.  But Mayonnaise go well with Taco-Rice.”

Oh, you stop making that face.


Stamps, stickers, & washi tape:


2 thoughts on “Special & Delicious Food–& Also Peanuts: Received from Germany, Japan, & Taiwan

  1. Lovely incoming!
    The postcard of Snoopy & Linus is one of my favorites! Linus would have to be my favorite Peanuts character!

    I ended up having to google “taco rice”. I was interested to see what she was talking about. I initially thought she might have meant taco salad, but it looks like they use white rice instead of Mexican/Spanish rice.. how interesting! I don’t know if I ever told you, I’m half Japanese, my maternal grandparents are originally from Japan. I wonder if taco rice is a new dish or if my grandmother would be familiar with it?! I’ll have to ask her next time I see her!

    I’m going to Maui tomorrow, so I’ll send you a postcard from there 🙂

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