Sharing the Hate: Sent to China, Germany, Singapore, & the U.S.


Mmm, Thai food–from Thailand!  You know, no Southeast Asian person I know willingly goes to American Thai restaurants.  Oh, they love great Thai food–they just don’t believe it exists in restaurants here! In fact, a Thai cook I know told a group of people who asked about the best Thai restaurant, that she’s never been to a good one.  This is before she taught us all to cook the stuff ourselves.  This postcard came from Thailand, and it’s going to Clarksville, Tennessee, in a swap-bot trade of food postcards.

The train card is going to a train enthusiast in Shanghai, China, in a Postcrossing Forum trade.  I’ve never traveled in a sleeper train here in the U.S., but I have overseas.  Returning from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, Thailand by overnight train allowed me to see some beautiful scenery (before dark took over), and it wasn’t only a cheap way to travel: it also save me from a night’s hotel fee!

I HATE that “Seein’ things at night” card.  It came to me as a part of The Disappointassortment, of course; now it leaves me for a swap-bot “I HATE This Postcard” trade.  Yea! Off to Troy, New York, with that rubbish.

The black & white New York image goes off in another swap-bot trade, called “I don’t live here.” It goes to a swapper in Singapore, and I told her I would not want to live in NY.  To list one main reason: snow.  No, thanks.  It snows in California, but not where I live.  And if it did, well, it wouldn’t be living where I live.

Finally, a regular Postcrossing draw.  The Fairyland post office (no longer a post office) goes to someone in Norderstedt, Germany with an interest in post-related post.

Stamps, stamps, stickers, & washi tape:


2016-07-18 11.30.30



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