A Great Day for Postcards! Received from Finland & the U.S.

Two cards yesterday–and I love them both!  An especially nice sight to see, opening the mailbox on my b-day.

2016-08-05 09.48.48

Just looka that cool retro retro cool PEZ postcard!  Sent to me from a loved one in Massachusetts, it was purchased at THE PEZ factory in Connecticut.  Did you know that the U.S. has one PEZ (yeah, you gotta capitalize that, like SPAM) (the difference between PEZ and SPAM being that I will actually willingly eat the latter) factory, it is in Orange, Connecticut, and you can visit it?  Now, there is a PEZ Museum close to me, in Burlingame, California but it’s a rather small affair, and–no relation.

The squirrel came to me from Kemi, Finland, in a regular Postcrossing send.  I love it!  Squirrels do it for me every time.  There’s another rodent on the backside: a cute li’l bunny.  Instead of getting off my rear to take another photo in decent light, I looked up the stamp online, so that I could share the image below. I see Finland has had a LOT of rabbit  stamps over the years.  The stamp on my card immediately makes me think of the brand-new USPS animal photo stamps.  Also reminds me: I took a little road trip to the San Luis Obispo area last week, and while I was walking through their botanical gardens, I was lucky enough to see a few rabbits hopping around, feeding.  Sure, it’s not deer, but I enjoyed quietly hanging back, watching.

2016-08-05 09.48.48a



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