Another Trip to the Museum! Sent to Singapore

I happened to click on the Postcrossing Blog–something I don’t often do–and I was sure glad I did: I learned that the Singapore Philatelic Museum is ready to send more postcards to snail mailers around the world!  They’ve got a Harry Potter exhibition coming up this fall, and are soliciting postcards from fans.  Send them a Potter-related card, and they will reciprocate (though not with a Potter card; licensing issues, you know).

Harry Potter

When the museum had a Peanuts exhibition some time ago, I sent in a card, and received a nice one in return.  I don’t have any Harry Potter cards, but I chose one of my stamp collages I rescued from the Disappointassortment:

POSTCARD641a to Singapore Philatelic Museum

I thought the museum folks would appreciate that.  On the back, I Potterized things with a quick drawing & recollection.

2016-08-06 11.53.18

You can see some smearing in the address field; that’s another issue with the Disappointassortment: in addition to the cards’ other ills, many of them feature a glossy coating on the back.  Luckily, I didn’t smear the ink as much as I could have.

Looking forward to seeing what the museum sends me in return!  Last time, it was a very fast turnaround, so I should have an answer before long.

Have you ever exchanged postcards with the Singapore Philatelic Museum–or any other institution, for that matter?

3 thoughts on “Another Trip to the Museum! Sent to Singapore

  1. Oh! I also sent a postcard to the SPM during the Peanuts Exhibition… I was *thinking* of sending one for the Harry Potter exhibition that they have coming up since I still have Harry Potter stamps that I can use for them. I can’t wait to see what they send you in return!

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