My First Missive to Land! A Postcard United Milestone

Whoa!  I signed up for Postcard United just about a week ago, and my first card has already arrived!  This message hit my in-box today:


Alright, Postcard United, lay off the looseness with the exclamation points.  I ought to charge you $5 for every extra one you use.  I wouldn’t mind the extra 20 bucks.


So I see that rather than Postcrossing’s “Hooray!” message, Postcard United sends a “Great News!!!” message.  I swear, I want to taze them for all of those exclamation points.  Jeez.

My first card to land traveled five days, that thanks to the fact that it went to a U.S. recipient (in Bethesda, Maryland).  I’d mentioned in my note to that person my surprise that we are assigned U.S. partners (in Postcrossing, you volunteer if you are willing for same-country duties).  In case you aren’t able to see the image, my fellow Potcard Uniter responded:

“I have gotten many US addressed through PU and PC–more from PU. Thank you for the cool card of the elephant seal! It’s always nice to receive cards from CA–I’m from San Jose. I wish you a great experience on PostcardUnited!”

So now, or quite soon, there should be a postcard out there winding its way toward me, eventually to be my very first card received via this new-to-me service.  I’ll keep you posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(Somebody, please taze me, and collect those extra punctuation marks, & take them to a no-kill shelter)


4 thoughts on “My First Missive to Land! A Postcard United Milestone

  1. Yay!!! (<—I am TOTALLY guilty of putting extra exclamation points, especially when I want to express my excitement!)
    That was quick! Hopefully you'll be receiving your first postcard from Postcard United soon- I can't wait to see which country it'll be from 🙂

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