Food & Toons Make the World Go ‘Round: Received from China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, & the U.S.

What a spread–I love these cards!


Budda Jumped Over the Wall from Taiwan, thanks to the Postcrossing Forum “Far East to America” tag trade.  The sender writes:

“This is one of my favorite food.  I really love it, but didn’t eat it often, just when new year or some important party just have this food, I thought because it’s not so cheap.”

I’d love to stroll through that marketplace at the bottom of the card!

I guess you can’t tell from the scan, but that Snoopy card has the most amazing 3-Dish effects I think I’ve ever seen!  The action seems to be taking place on at least 7 different planes.  It’s from a post pal in Tokyo, Japan, and she tells me:

“I’m in Tokyo Skytree now.  And I write you this special postcard at Postal Museum Tokyo.  I can study history of Japanese postal like stamps, postboxes and their works.  How interesting!  After this, I’ll go up the Tokyo Skytree.  I’m excited but it would be scared.  Might as well!  I have to.”

Today I Learned there is something called the Tokyo Skytree–and that it’s the tallest tower in the world, and also the primary television & radio broadcast site for Japan’s Kantō region.  I also learned it’s home to a Pokémon store!

I love Jay Ward cartoons, so that fairy from Rocky & Bullwinkle’s Fractured Fairy Tales made me audibly gasp when I saw her card in my mailbox!  It’s a pleasant surprise from a friend in San Francisco.

WHOA–the Tezuka Osamu-ful postcard is incredible–so many of his characters, all in one scene!  It’s also from my post pal in Tokyo.

The card next to it also sports a Japanese character, but the card is from Israel, thanks to a swap-bot “think before you send” trade, in which we were to tell our partner about the image on the card.  The sender writes:

“So as you probably know, the character on the cover is No-Face from ‘Spirited Away.’  No-face is also called in Japanese ‘Kaonashi,’ meaning ‘Faceless.’  Its Japanese name is also on the cover!”

The green folk with the little durians are from a friend in Singapore who is both a toy addict & toy photographer.  What a place to sit!

Finally, one more bit of food, this time from Chongqing, China.  It’s via a Postcrossing Forum USA-Asia tag, and the sender tells me about the food:

“The postcard shows the most famous food in Chongqing, hot pot!  You can see from the pot, the middle is without pepper, it’s for people who don’t eat that hot.  And the edge is filled with pepper.”


What’s your favorite card here?

Stamps, postmarks, & stickers:


3 thoughts on “Food & Toons Make the World Go ‘Round: Received from China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, & the U.S.

  1. I’m sure you can guess which is my favorite- the Snoopy postcard, of course! Love that you can see Tokyo Skytree on the postcard! The Snoopy “postcard” I sent you is of him hugging the Tokyo Skytree 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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