Six More Off into the World: Sent to Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, & the U.S.


Lucy & Schroeder are headed off to a Postcrosser in ‘s-Heer Arendskerke, Netherlands.  This sounds like a TINY place!  As Wikipedia lists it, “two circles of houses around a Protestant church, on a single main road with an obsolete village hall.”  All that, & no railway station since 1928.  The recipient says he enjoys funny cards that will bring a smile to his face, and this “HEY!!” card certainly does that for me.

The Jetoy cat is on its way to Pepinster, Belgium.I looked up Pepinster, and learns that it lies at confluence of the rivers Hoëgne and Vesdre.  Here’s a beautiful river view one might enjoy in Pepinster. What’s interesting about this Postcrossing draw, is that it’s the account of a man who’s been on the site for over 8 years, but right now is having cards sent to his daughter and her girlfriend, who are engaged to be married next June.  So I guess he is still sending out cards, and then having his daughter register the incomings?  Dunno, but I hope they enjoy this postcard!  It’s been a while since I’ve sent out any Jetoys.

Skipping around to get all the regular Postcrossing draws in at once, the monarch butterflies of Pismo Beach are destined for Reutov, Russia, which I learned is a “science town.”  The card’s recipient says she was born in Siberia, but moved to the Moscow area for school 17 years ago.  She appreciates cards that tell her about attractions she should visit if she visits the senders’ countries.  I told her there are many monarch groves along the California coast, but that the one in Pismo Beach may just be my favorite.

The beach scene is going out in a Postcrossing Forum trade, and it’s off to Singapore. In his profile, this Postcrosser said he might especially like for senders to share something unique, perhaps landscapes, from the places where they live, or from a place to which they’ve traveled (actually the topic of this specific trade).

Now, let’s talk about the recycling!  These are bot for a swap-bot trade of “upcycled cardboard,” and I love participating in these.  Hello Panda will land in Oceanside, California (isn’t the name inviting?  It’s near San Diego).  Cap’n Crunch goes to Kiel, Germany, which the Cap’n may just love, as the city is a major maritime center & home to Kiel Week, the largest sailing event in the world.  Ahoy!

OH–take a look at the stamps, washi tape, & stuff.  You may be able to tell I’ve made a recent Daiso trip.

Do you have any favorites among the cards, stamps, & tapes here?




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