An Extreme Discoloration: Received from Brazil, Germany, Greece, Russia, and the U.S.


The food photo (?) is from a Postcrosser in Jaú, São Paulo, Brazil. This is such an odd food card–why would they process the image like this? I can neither tell what it is, nor agree that it looks delicious.  By the way, translating the caption printed on the card’s back, I learned that this dish is Duck with Tucupi and Açaí .  To which I responded: what is tucupi?

Tucupi is a yellow sauce extracted from wild manioc root in Brazil’s Amazon jungle. It is also produced as by-product of manioc flour manufacture. … The tucupi can then be used as a sauce in cooking.

Okay, thank you, Wikipedia!  I’ll share part of the sender’s message:

“Here is very hot all year long and we almost not feel the winter.  I also like reading and good food.  Açaí is awesome!  A delicious fruit.”

The gull card is from a Postcrosser in Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, Germany.  She tells me that her city is…

“…a cosy town with 160,000 inhabitants.  The city is located not far from the coast.  And I love it!  I have always lived close to the sea, sometimes I caught a glimpse and even saw whales!  I envy you for seeing otters once in a while at the coast.  I really love them.  ❤  So cute!  Right now, I’m sitting on a train to Berlin, Germany’s capital.  I always like to go there (today for attending a business conference) because the city is so interesting and wild. “

That delicious-looking chocolatey treat came to me from Athens, Greece, thanks to a Postcrossing Forum trade, and I can’t recall getting a card from that country before now.  I LOVE the octopus stamp on the back.  Let’s not even wait; let’s get a close-up look at that right this second:



Back to regular Postcrossing draws, that card full of sweet illustrations is from Russia.  The sender writes:

“You said about reading and eating.  I think it’s really amazing things.  Reading about food and places is interesting and useful.  It’s so cool to travel and eat different dishes in different countries.  Do you know, my dream is to try anything interesting in Michelin starred restaurant.  Also I want to try molecular cuisine.  My favorite cuisine is Italian.”

She and I are not born meal companions; my dream involves standing on a busy street, ordering amazing Asian delicacies as scooters whiz around & between me and the cook.  Okay, the traffic actually makes me nervous, but that’s where a whole lot of wonderful food is being prepared.

Finally, if I’m going to remember that wonderful food, I’m going to need a camera–and that came to me from McKinney, Texas. It’s thanks to a swap-bot ad/free card trade, and by the way, one of my partners to whom I sent a card in that opted not to give me that extra heart.  Despite the assortment of stamps I used, and the washi tape, and almost assuredly a sticker or rubber-stamped image, PLUS my average of 13 lines of text–NOPE.  I’m thinking perhaps I need to start taping cold, hard cash to my swap-bot sends.

But I digress.

As usual.

The postcard: the sender wrote, “I was so impressed with your profile!  I am sending this since you like photography.”

I like the stickers she put on (you’ll see), especially the funny li’l kangaroo sporting a pool floaty duck.  Let’s get to it: let’s take a look at the stamps, stickers, & stuff:



4 thoughts on “An Extreme Discoloration: Received from Brazil, Germany, Greece, Russia, and the U.S.

  1. I am a fellow foodie as well! My dream is to travel around the globe and try street food from different corners of the world!

    Ah, I can understand the disappointment in not receiving a heart via swap-bot. It’s hard NOT to take it personal, especially when you put a lot of effort into your swaps. Confession: I was a bit disappointed yesterday, because I got an email from postcrossing saying that “Hurray!” my card had arrived in Germany. I feel like part of the fun in postcrossing is seeing what the recipient has to say in response to the card you sent them. Well, yesterdays email was BLANK. The person I sent the postcard to wrote NOTHING, not even a simple “Thanks.” . I guess she didn’t have the time to write one word, 6 letters… or maybe she hated the card THAT much. Like I’ve said earlier, I know I shouldn’t take it personally, but its hard not to sometimes.

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  2. I was very interested in seeing how the Duck with Tucupi and Acai looked without all the color filters. I found a similar image to the one on the postcard, maybe this may look more appetizing?

    Liked by 1 person

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