Receiving My Grades: A swap-bot Arrival

Oh my gosh, even thinking about swap-bot enough to make this very brief post makes my insides buckle!

My “flat envie of fun” to India has arrived — and it got there quickly!  I got the notice that I have been rating on swap-bot, always a Pepto Moment.  Hmm, what’s a funnier way to put that? ImodiuMoment?  Gross.

Anyhow, getting assigned to shop for a stranger–and getting graded on that–oof.  I mean, I love sending stuff to people I know; I just usually am going about my life, and something will jump off the shelf in a store, or show up in my mailbox, or wherever–most mailings to friends assemble themselves!  There’s room to include my sense of humor, and to appeal to theirs…

The point is, though, that my grade on this swap is in, and it is good:


But the question is, should I even be participating in swap-bot, with the nerves level so high for me?



2 thoughts on “Receiving My Grades: A swap-bot Arrival

  1. Ahhh… the swap-bot nerves. I remember the feeling all too well. I feel like it’s definitely worth dealing with the swap-bot nerves if the good experiences outweigh the bad ones!

    I’ll be sure to send you some Pepto-Bismol next time 😉

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