Submitting the Final Grade: a swap-bot Update

So, after a lot of cogitating, I’ve finally left a rating in that swap-bot trade I was agonizing over.  I spend most of my swap-bot time putting a lot of effort into my trades, and then worrying whether I will be granted the 5-and-a-heart rating grail toward which I strive.  This time, I was wondering whether I should leave someone else, for the first time in my time on the site, a grade of a 3.  Ah, just go back & look at the post.

After some advice left on that post, and another day or so of thinking, I decided to be honest–but also more generous than was really warranted.  Then I logged off & waited for bombs from the person I rated.  The good news is–she understood, as you’ll see in the image here.


Got over that hump!

And still wondering whether I belong here.


4 thoughts on “Submitting the Final Grade: a swap-bot Update

  1. I’m so happy to hear that she responded kindly and understood where you were coming from, instead of being defensive and responding harshly.

    I look forward to seeing the future swaps you send & receive. Your entries make me (kind of) want to re-join swap-bot.

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      1. I left swap-bot for two reasons: flakers & non-raters. I had experienced a few swaps where the person who was supposed to send to me, didn’t send anything at all which was very disheartening, especially after I spent a lot of time putting together a nice package for my partner. I think after experiencing that I mostly participated in postcard swaps- which was less time consuming, but I noticed with a lot of the postcard swaps I participated in, came a lot of non-raters or raters who took FOREVER to leave a rating. Which as you know can cause a lot of anxiety. I think by that point, swap-bot was more of a stressful experience for me than a fun one… So I decided to leave swap-bot and focus more on postcrossing.

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      2. Thank you for sharing your reasons! Glad to at least know I’m not a lone crackpot who is experiencing stress from what is designed to be a pleasurable experience. Now I want to check the ratings areas, to see if there are shipments I should have received, but have not. I ignore that area until I get something in the mail I need to rate. Only once, I think, has someone contacted me to say, “hey, rate me,” to which I had to respond I’d not received their card or whatever.


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