Common Courtesy, Gratitude & Kindness–and the Utter Lack Thereof. Yeah, it’s Another Swap-Bot Post.

As I begin writing this post, it’s International Kindness Day.  That’s got me thinking about the rating I received 3 days back on a swap-bot “upcycled cardboard” postcard swap I shared in this space not long ago.  The card in question went off to Brown Mills, New Jersey, and here is the rating received:

The blank space next to the “5,” it would have been nice to see a heart there.  As I’ve discussed before, I try to really throw myself into my trades–I always shoot for the 5 and the heart.  But that is not why I am posting today.postcard794bf

The big empty space above the word “Respond” is the space where the recipient had a chance to say something to me: a thanks, etcetera.  Nada.  Zilch.  Zero.

Let me show you what I sent her:


Let’s see: variety of stamps, ink stamps, washi tape, and a friendly & descriptive note.  SHOULD I HAVE TAPED CASH TO THIS?  IS THAT HOW I MISSTEPPED?

Just in case you think you might not have enough information, here is the swap outline:


Do you know what, though?  It doesn’t matter.  I mean, it doesn’t matter that I tried to create a fun card–front & back–and go above & beyond the requirements of the swap.  Even if I had not…

…the recipient should have at the very least written “thank you.”

Anything less is rude.

4 thoughts on “Common Courtesy, Gratitude & Kindness–and the Utter Lack Thereof. Yeah, it’s Another Swap-Bot Post.

  1. I think the empty “comment” section is worse than not getting a heart 😦 On Swap-Bot and Postcrossing, I look forward to reading what the recipient has to say about what I sent- whether it’s a thank you, an answer to a question I asked, etc.

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    1. Agreed, on both counts! It’s fun when people get a bit chatty, but if they can’t even muster a simple “thank you?” The meme that comes to mind is “delete your account.”


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