My Absolute High & Low of the Week: In & Outta the U.S.

I’ve had several pieces of snail mail in & out this week, but right now I’m just showing the two that made for quite a mood swing.

We start with the high, a surprise package from Cindi:


Look at those stamps!

This piece of mail art is so awesome, the package could have been empty, but it wasn’t: inside were tucked Peanuts washi tape, notes & stickers I’ll be able to use for some time to come.  Have a look at the back of the package:


I wonder what that is Peppermint Patty is eating.  Could it be my favorite sammich, the banh mi?

So fantastic.

Then, a day or two later, came the low point, of course.

I’ve started entering some of the Postcrossing Forum “you choose” reverse tags, in which we show a link to postcards we have available to send, and the next person tells us what card they want.  Kinda fun, and I like that the person to whom I’m sending is guaranteed to get something s/he wants.


This week, I got tagged, and the message began: “Hello!  I just tagged you. 🙂 May I please have ‘Calif. Grapevine map'”:


Alright, cool fine let’s do it… and then comes her next line:

“If I could ask a favor of you, would it be possible for you to please send the card unwritten in an envelope? That would be awesome!”


“Transactional” is the word that’s been going through my mind the last couple of days while I have been taking a cool-off period while I decide what to do.  Not being in all of this to collect anything, but rather for the ephemeral joy of little connections, creating & receiving fun mail, and perhaps even an expanded world knowledge & view, I wasn’t really prepared for someone who would come in saying “…send the card unwritten in an envelope.”  That would be awesome?  Awesome?  Transactional.

I’ve been thinking about what to do.  What are the possibilities?

  • Write back, scolding her & sharing my personal theories on Postcrossing
  • Send her a card, unwritten in an envelope, I guess with the swap info on an attached Post-It
  • Pretend I hadn’t seen her “awesome” request

I really went back & forth on this.  This morning, I was even pulling out envelopes to see if I had one that would accommodate the postcard (I wasn’t going to make the effort to put together one of my cool handmade envelopes, that’s for sure).  A drawback of stamping & writing the card would be that it would be even more draining to have to come up with something to say to this person.  A lot of back & forth on this, I say.

Finally, I went with the “I’m not paying extra postage in order to accommodate her request” route.  Postcard-rate stamp, and instead of my ~13 lines usually packed into a card, I wrote, in quite large text, “Enjoy your December!”

When she receives it, it will probably be her absolute low of the week.



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