Accio Postcards: Received from Singapore & the U.S.

I finally received a Harry Potter postcard from the Singapore Philatelic Museum!


It’s been 4 months since I drew a pic of Harry Potter on a postcard for their special exhibition, & mailed it off.  I was beginning to think they weren’t going to write back!  Perhaps they were waiting until their new Potter exhibition opened before responding, but they did send the card!  You can read the note they wrote me in the scan below.  You’ll see the museum has its very own postmark.  Cool!  Can’t wait for the next chance to correspond with them–but to be honest, this isn’t as fun as their Peanuts exhibition.  🙂

The other 2 cards are from a swap-bot “modified postcard” trade I recently entered.  The elephants came to me from Greenville, South Carolina, and the super-retro mountain card from San Antonio, Texas.  I think the latter of the two is especially well done.  Still waiting for one more on this trade, but apparently I couldn’t wait to share.

By the way, one of the trees on the mountain card fell off, and I’ve already applied it to an outgoing postcard.  It’ll be showing up again here, eventually.



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