Dear Occupant: Received from Indonesia

I don’t often create a post with just one postcard, but occasionally I receive a card so interesting, that I think it deserves its own space.  Have a look at this:


I feel as if you are talking to me, and me alone, so warm inside right now am I.

Well, wow–I think I just received a postcard from a rubber stamp! And how does one respond to a “how are you” from a rubber stamp?

Now, one way to interpret this is that this Postcard Uniter just doesn’t speak English, but doesn’t want to miss out on the experience.  A look at her profile, though, told me she claims that English is indeed one of her languages spoken (along with Indonesian & German).  I still think it likely means she doesn’t speak English, though, and though the rubber stamp is clever (and I REALLY like the idea that she may have a special little add-on stamp for every weather eventuality), it would feel better, as the recipient, if she just hand-wrote this rote message on each card she sent.

Have you ever received a card like this?  Did it warm your insides, or what?

By the way, here is the front of the card:


I really like the bird stamps on this card; take a closer look:



3 thoughts on “Dear Occupant: Received from Indonesia

  1. I’ve received a similar postcard from a Postcrosser. I’d rather not specify the country here because it’s a tiny place with only a few Postcrossing members (and there was no language issue), but instead of a rubber stamp message like yours, it was a typed out computerised standard message cut out and pasted onto the card and contained only general facts about the country. No friendly greeting and the sender had no name. (But I got cool stamps on it!) I was quite disappointed by this experience. I wondered at the time if it meant the sender had lost interest in swapping postcards and perhaps should give it a rest for awhile ……..

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