Do I Not Try Hard Enough? Another Heart-less swap-bot Encounter

I’ve said it before: I think I really think that some swap-botters want money taped to the postcards they receive.

Every time I get that “New Rating Received” e-mail, I cringe & brace myself.  My goal is always the heart.  And I think I always put myself–and a lot of effort–into every postcard.  Well, let’s just get to the new rating, and go from there.


She hates me, she really hates me.

Ooh, this one, to me, seemed not just heart-less, but downright unfriendly!  What was my misstep?  Why no heart to the left of that 5?

Before I show my work, a quick primer for anyone who might be reading this, and not know what this whole “heart” deal is all about.  Here’s the full explanation, from swap-bot:


So a heart is like an A+, and clearly, no one is required to have a heart to put out there.  As a person rating, what I like to do is to start from a position of generosity, where a person has to seriously try to not get a heart.

Other people, though, seem to WANT MONEY TAPED TO THEIR POSTCARDS!

Or something.

Let me show you the swap.  First, the details from the swap page:

Do you have postcards from any TV series/Movies? this is the place to swap them.

For this swap send ONE Television or Movie related postcard to ONE partner.

Postcards are senders choice and must be sent naked (written, stamped and not in an envelope).

Okay, so here is the movie card I had:


Definitely a movie card.

And HERE we have the back of the card, where you can decide whether or not I made any effort to make this a special swap.


I am clearly a slacker who puts no effort into my swaps.

I grouse about this issue semi-regularly–and yet I continue to sign up for swaps, rather than pulling out of what is clearly my very least-favorite swap site. Am I not just a slacker, but a masochist, as well?

5 thoughts on “Do I Not Try Hard Enough? Another Heart-less swap-bot Encounter

  1. As someone who exchanges mail with you regularly, I know how much thought you put into each piece of mail you send. If I had to rate you for all the mail you’ve sent me this past year, you’d have gotten a heart from me every single time!

    I have to second what Marine Girl wrote, maybe some people just don’t give hearts to anyone. Talk about taking the joy out of swap-bot right?!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can’t stand ratings.

      Thank you for the glowing review! 😉 If you’re going to do it, do it to make it special, right? Well, you know, obviously–you earn a crown in making mail special.


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