Fine Food & “Free” Postcards

When I went to try a well-hyped Thai restaurant in San Francisco this week, I didn’t just end up with a full belly & an empty wallet–I ended up with postcards!  Imagine my surprise when I looked up from my seat to see this wall decor:


Needless to say, I was impressed & excited.  I never, ever see free postcard racks anymore–and these are really cool.  I asked the server whether the cards were for purchase.  Nope, free.  Let’s call it not free, but “free,” as a rather modest meal for two ran us around $75.  What can I say–even in the SF Bay Area, good & authentic Thai food is as hard to find as a horcrux. Harder, even.

Restraining myself, and knowing that in mailing these out I will actually be doing the restaurant the service they intended, I took a mere nine: just two or three each of these, the four cards I liked.


Tasty postcards.

Looking forward to sending them about!

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