A Bit Heavy on the Kaya: Received from China, Malaysia, Poland, Slovenia, & Thailand

Six incoming cards this time–let’s start with my two very favorite!

The dino is just the bottom of a 3-tiered dino stack found in Beijing, China‘s 798 Art Zone.  I would love to find myself here!  I received this postcard in a Postcrossing Forum tag trade.


I received the kopitiam card via Postcard United, from a Netherlands native now living in Malaysia.  I haven’t been to Malaysia yet, but I have been to neighboring Singapore, where kopitiams–and this breakfast–are also a big thing.  I had my kopi with milk, and I left most of my egg behind–eggs are a taste I have yet to really appreciate, at least most of the time–but I love me some kaya toast.  I love it at home, and I love it abroad.  And I will eat it here and there.  I will eat it everywhere!  I do so love kaya toast.

Staying on the topic of food, the next card was sent by a Postcrosser who tells me that she’s a foodie, and that “there are many kinds of delicious snack in China.  So I hope u could have fun in China one day!”  I would like to spend many days doing so!  This beautiful building on her postcard is the Ri Sheng Chang Exchange Shop, located in Pingyao, Shanxi, China.  It dates back to 1823, and is thought to be the first draft bank in China’s history.


More food comes my way from a Postcrosser in Slovenia.  She lists the foods (her writing is a little hard to read, but we can look these items up using the print on the card image), then says, “maybe you’ll ever eat these foods.” Not-so-fascinating fact: I don’t care for honey, olives, or olive oil (I think Olive Oyl is kinda cool, though).  You know what food I DO love?  C’mon, have you even been paying attention?  I love kaya toast!

More buildings, more Postcard United, this time from Poznań, Poland.  The sender tells me his is one of the largest cities in the country, and he also writes:

“I’m an attorney and I really like my job.  🙂  I love almost every kind of active spending time e.g. skiing, cycling, hiking or canoeing.  I hope that you’ll like this postcard picturing Liberty Square in my hometown.  Wish you all the best!”


The last card is from Thailand, received in a swap-bot trade of free ad cards.  I see it was produced by an Australian initiative that invites emerging artists to apply to have their work printed on its free cards.

Stamp time!  I especially love that one on the bottom row, sporting a photo from Krabi, Thailand.



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