Driving Off the Map: a Postcard Shopping Update

Last time I posted, I was lamenting the difficulty I’m having in trying to find California map postcards for sale (map cards being very popular among Postcrossers), and taking odds on whether I’d ever see such cards for sale out in the wild again.  I mentioned I’d be taking a trip up the California coast, and looking to buy some postcards along the way.

Here’s what I found:


These shots are extremely representative of the views I took in over the weekend.

Every single one of these, to me, is far more beautiful than a map card, but map cards are what people seem to want.  Fortunately, people often want lighthouses, as well, and I was able to find a couple of cards sporting those (though the lighthouse is obscured on one card in my group scan shown here.  What was I supposed to cover, the seagulls?  NOPE!).

The task was not made any easier by the fact that this area–the confluence of coastal Sonoma & Mendocino counties–is so outrageously remote that even the postcard rack I managed to find in one gas station was covered in a light veneer of dust. Never mind looking for a CVS–the only chain anything out there were the two gas stations in the town where I stayed.

Anyhow, I loved the views & the beach time & the wildlife I saw.  I’m just saying that I’ll never see another map card again.  But I’ll still look again on my next road trip, whenever that happens.

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