Here’s the Mail, it Sometimes Fails…

Ah, you again.  I am haunted by this piece of mail that is not mine.

2017-03-08 15.33.32

A revised timeline of our ongoing saga:

February 28: I received a card meant for the same house number, 2 streets over

March 2: I dropped it into a post office mailbox

March 4: The card found me a 2nd time

March 5: I dropped it into a mail box in front of another post office

March 8: I’ve received the same card, for the 3rd time!

Tomorrow I plan on dropping it into yet another mailbox, on the opposite side of the San Francisco Bay.  Do you think the card will come back to me?  This could be the series of incidents that finally has me filing a formal report with my local post office.

7 thoughts on “Here’s the Mail, it Sometimes Fails…

  1. Wow! It came back AGAIN??? I’d definitely file a report with the post office about this. Maybe you can attach a post-it note to the cad, telling them that they have delivered to the wrong address three times already! Maybe that’ll help the mailman be extra careful to read the address!

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    1. Sad to say, receiving mail for that address is a long-ongoing situation–one that really should have been reported years ago. Finally, it seems the postcarding hobby shall make it happen!


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