Time to Put the Hobby to Work: Sent to My Elected Representatives–and a Detained Australian Author

We live in strange, mind-boggling times.  Can the things that are happening, truly be happening?  We need out of this bad dystopian tale–no more “waiting and seeing,” it’s time to speak up.  And the good news is, we of the postcard persuasion are in an elevated position to make our voices heard!


It’s also a great way to be rid of your most hideous postcards!

  • We already have the materials at hand
  • The short form ensures the message will be concise
  • Written, mailed communication holds more weight (I’m told) than online petitions, emails, or signed form letters

I also learned that when writing your folks in Washington, it’s best not to send your cards to Washington.  The communication stands more of a chance of being registered when sent to your representatives’ local offices.  So I rounded up those addresses, and sent my Congresspeople the first of what I’m sure will be many messages.


On a related note (oh, an unintended pun), I recently sent a postcard to Mem Fox, the international children’s book star from Australia who was recently rudely detained by TSA agents at the Los Angeles Airport.  She had such an ugly experience, that she feels an aversion toward returning to these shores.

I felt Fox needed letters of support from those of us who value her work (and I’ve used it a lot), so I grabbed a postcard (fittingly enough, I guess, it was book-themed) and sent her a note of praise, encouragement, and apology-by-proxy.


I’ll let you guess which of those three is the book-related postcard.  Somehow, I didn’t keep an image of the messages from this trio, the other two of which went out in Postcrossing Forum draws, or something.  As an apology, I’ll show you some stamps & stuff:postcard961

So, now that I’ve done this for the first time, it should become easier & quicker for me to make important communications by way of my postcard stash.  Do you send postcards to power?  Tell me about it!



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