HK x 3: Received from Hong Kong

Alright, so my memory is not the best. In sending cards via Postcrossing Forum, I try to keep track of whom I’ve tagged & sent cards to, in part so I do not overtag the same person, and in part so I don’t repeat what I write on every single card to the same person. However, in the “offer” tags I’ve been mentioning in my recent posts, where I request a card someone has posted, and they send it to me, I have not kept track.

And thus, I opened my mailbox yesterday to find three cards from the same sender in Hong Kong.

postcard 287

postcard 288

Hong Kong is a busy, packed, overwhelming place–and I kinda love it. I really enjoyed the neon & the street art, and so yes, I did choose to receive these three postcards.

Here are a couple of shots I took of neon & street art in HK:

HK neon

HK graffitti

The postcards’ sender apparently wrote these on three different days. Here are parts of her messages:

As your profile mentioned, you love Chinese food. What’s your favourite? My favourite Chinese food is dumplings.

I’d go with the same answer. Or more broadly, dim sum in general. Here’s a shot I took while in a dim sum restaurant. You’ll see I was more interested in my first taste of HK dim sum than I was in elegant photography.

HK dim sum

Next postcard:

Actually, my first impression to California is grape. My teacher said “California’s grape” is really famous when I was a child.

Huh…I was surprised to hear this. If I were to have to write 10 “impressions” of my home state, I doubt grapes would come to mind. I wonder if teacher was thinking about the grape boycott, or wine, or what.

In my last weekend, I went to restaurant hotpot with my boyfriend. Do you know what is “hotpot?” It is very popular in Hong Kong.

Yes, there are many hotpot restaurants in the Silicon Valley area. And I still like dim sum best.

Stamp time! HK has a lot of great ones. Hey, this Flower Market stamp is from the same series as the Kitchenware Street from a couple of posts ago.

postcard 286

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