ANOTHER Postcrossing Clone?!?

Postcard Hub?!?

I JUST found this site, & ran here to check it out with you. I did a quick web search & found nothing. It seems to work exactly in the same way that Postcrossing & Postcard United do, and at the same price: free. Other than that, the only thing I learned is that it’s a service of a site called “Global Penfriends.” I see that as of the time I captured this, an average of .5 cards are sent every hour.

Have you encountered this site? I remember I found almost no info on Postcard United before I finally decided to just dive in. The fact is that I probably don’t need any more postcarding sites, but–you know–I am curious. Let me know!

Postcard Hub

4 thoughts on “ANOTHER Postcrossing Clone?!?

  1. I’ve never heard of Postcard Hub, you’ll have to let me know you hear anything about it! Don’t know if I’ll be signing up for any more postcard websites after what happened with Postcard United; (Re: Multiple spam emails everyday for a week)

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  2. Well, I’m not too positive about it. I’ve registered six months ago, but I still haven’t officially send ten postcards. I wanted to drop out of this project after I sent ten, just as a sort of milestone, but it’s taking a loooong time. I did receive some nice cards, but it seems the users aren’t that serious about it. And I don’t understand why the teller continues to count after the postcard has been registered. Some cards are travelling for 500+ days. Sure… And my uploaded photos disappear after the receiver has registered the card. Why is that? Just weird. Postcrossing rules!
    My experience with Global Penfriends is bad too. I can’t send messages to some members as I have a free account (?), so I sent them a virtual smile. They virtually smiled back at me, but I still can’t contact them! What’s the point then? So yeah, just my two cents.


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