Everything Falls Apart: Sent to Estonia, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, and the U.S. And probably some other places.

This blog is just a mess! I remember I used to give so much detail… now, I just sometimes I think I should give up postcarding in general so I’d have more time to read books. So, this post–thrown roughly and not entirely together over the course of months–is more of a “here are some of the postcards I sent… someplace…at some point.” So here are some cards, and barely any stickers and stamps, and only a touch of detail.

This first postcard is one I purchased in Malaysia. Now, it’s going to Estonia.

Malaysia loka made postcards (14)

A strong candidate, sent to Fukushima, Japan:

postcard toon Peanuts Vote Lucy

California Max and Oscar

California Natural WondersCalifornia Cala Lily Valley

San Diego Public Library ToshWerkspostcard052

Sent to Hong Kong…

postcard toon Peanuts Snoopy hockey

Cat Cool Cat Blue

Found Image Sunday Funnies

Sent to Shenzhen, Guangdong, China:

image 0

California Monterey 4 images circle seal at topDisney Mickey Minnie Palace of Fine Arts SFSan Diego Central Library light railGreetings from the Redwood Empire

postcard a California San Francisco GG Bridge

postcard a California San Francisco Coit Tower

postcard 343

John cards TIGER

California Southern CA 3 bldg images

postcard a postcard fair 13

2019-01-02 05.12.27