Toon Relief: Received from Finland & Japan

Since I’ve got a lot of catching up to do, I thought I would start with a small, manageable junk, a mere three cards.  The theme this time is “great toon cards,” my very favorite of this trio being that wonderful card of Donald Duck & his nephews. That really brought a smile to my face, directly from my mail slot!

postcard 267

All 3 of the cards this time came to me via Postcrossing Forum tags, and the Donald one is from Finland, thanks to an “offer” tag. That means I chose the card the sender would shoot my way–although I do not recall that.  I participate in offer tags, but… the cards always end up being a surprise.  The sender writes:

“Donald Duck is called Aku Ankka in Finland. There’s also a Disney magazine under his name, and it comes out every Wednesday.”

WOW–a weekly Donald magazine? I notice, when Disney comics are being published here in the U.S. (monthly when they are in print), that the most beautifully-drawn stories seem to be reprints from Finland & Italy. How amazing that there is such demand over there.

Speaking of things that seem to have greater demand outside of their country of origin, here come the Peanuts cards! Sally also came to me from Finland, and the sender wrote:

“Sally (Salli in Finnish) is asking if you would like to go out and have some lunch/dinner with her. She’s also saying that you can have the side of her toast which has more peanut butter on. How sweet! We don’t eat much peanut butter here in Finland.”

Finally, from Japan, come more of the Peanuts gang. The sender notes she wanted to send me a card a special Snoopy stamp & postmark. I’ll end with ALL the the stamps, stickers, & washi tape, and you’ll see the stamp & postmark on this last card are indeed special!

postcard 268

Tupu, Hupu, & Lupu: Received from Finland, Malaysia, & Netherlands

Three Postcrossing cards to share, and oohh, I love that Aku Ankka (Donald Duck) card!  Great classic art.


The Postcrosser in Huittinen, Finland, who send me Aku Ankka also provided me with his nephews’ names: Tupu, Hupu, and Lupu.

The next card is a twofer: a resident of Bremen, Germany, sent me a card while traveling in Groningen, Netherlands!  He told me both cities were rainy that day (I assume he meant that day).

Lastly, from a sender in Tawau, Malaysia, comes that gorgeous beach, where I would like to be right now.  The sender tells me it’s a “dawn view of our Malaysia Island name ‘Pulau Perhentian.'”

Stamps & postmarks: