You Go Away for a Few Days, and…Received from Canada, China, & Germany

I took a nice elongated weekend trip, and now that my mail service has restarted, a lot of postcards have come in through the slot!  A nice welcome home.


Manatees!  I love those guys.  It was mailed to me from a swap-botter in Sandwich, Illinois (a small town, she says about 60 miles away from Chicago).  She tells me:

“I visit Florida often to see family.  I’ve been able to see a number of aquariums and spotted dolphins and very small sharks in the waters.  Oh and alligators in the pond behind my mom’s home and on the golf course.  My favorite is the manatee.  This postcard and many others were available at Manatee Park in Fort Myers.  We spent an afternoon watching them come and go.  It was February and when the water gets cold they find warm water in an inlet.  The park is a natural habitat with viewing areas, educational events and they have a microphone in the water and speakers to listen from the viewing spots.

Sounds so nice!  I would love to see manatees in their natural home.  Something else I’d love to see in their natural home is orcas; that beautiful card in the middle is from Melissa in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, who tells me the cetaceans are regular visitors to the area, and she was once able to see a pod.  I gasp internally thinking about the idea of seeing such a thing.  I wish all orcas were so free!

A third card I love is that Goofy art at the top right.  It’s from Altenburg, Germany, and is my one regular Postcrossing card received this time around.  Check below for the cool stamps & washi tape!  The sender tells me about where she lives:

“…Altenburg, a beautiful little big town with 164,000 inhabitants in the north of Germany. I’m 43 years old, and my motto is: give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day in your life!”


The next 2 cards came from the same person, though she wrote them about a month apart!  She is in Yangzhou, China, and she sent the cards via Postcrossing Forum trades.  The one at bottom left, with the three walking girls, is dated  July 16, when she wrote:

“We are having summer holiday now!  With countless of homework to do, of course.  And I only have to read for summer holiday.  We are to go back to school to have extra classes coz we are in grade 3 in senior school.  We’ve to prepare for the high school graduate exam in advance, it’s like SAT in your country.”

On August 24, on the garden card at bottom write, she told me,

“(This is) a Chinese-style garden in Hangzhou, just where the G20 this year takes place.  But I think the Chinese gardens in my hometown–Yangzhou–are the most graceful, the representative of which is Slender West.  Have you heard of it?

I had not!

Finally, at the bottom middle, is that interesting food!  It’s another Postcrossing Forum trade, this time from Dalian, China.  The sender tells me,

“On this postcard is a traditional Chinese food…  ‘Rolling Donkey’, haha!  Maybe in English, it’s called ‘Ludagunr.’  I’m not sure.  It’s glutinous rice rolls with sweet bean flour.  It’s very delicious!  Hope you’ll like it!”

This is something I’m not familiar with–and now I will have to seek it out!

Stamps, washi tape, & stuff:


Cute li’l warthog!