Animals, Illustrated: Received from Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, and the U.S.

As I continue to slowly declutter, I continue to come across previously-unlogged postcards. Today we have cards from 2018-today, from regular Postcrossing, Postcrossing Forum, and Postcard United.

Let’s start with my favorite, which I love because I love sea otters. It is only in seeing the scan here that I noticed there is a crab on their faces! So now, the sender’s message makes so much more sense: “This card makes me think of happy memories chasing crabs around the tide pools at Half Moon Bay, back when I was a kid.”


I also love this shiba inu, and the delicious dumplings next to the bear. Both cards are from Taiwan.


These funny hungry cats, who did not scan so well, are also from Taiwan, and the rabbit came from Japan, from a friend who was traveling on business.


Chicken shopkeeper and the village of cats are both from China…


The two red dogs come from Germany, from a Postcrosser who says she bought the postcard “at a Warhol exhibition which cost us a fortune because we parked our car where we shouldn’t have left it.”


The beautiful sea turtle above is from Malaysia; and the playful animals and the penguin below are from Taiwan and Hong Kong, respectively.


I really like the plants and birds on this card from a Postcard United user in South Korea. She writes that “the lotus painting on this postcard means happiness and flourishing.” The postcard next to it–the civilized tiger–is from another Postcard Uniter, but in China.


Finally, zebra and sailfish are both from the U.S., and are both from the “Animal Box” postcard set which I also purchased for my postcarding purposes. These two illustrations (zebra by Katharine Barnwell, and sailfish by Happy Menocal) are lovely, but the entire box is not made up of this high quality. There are some cards that are downright scrawls, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to send them out without first gluing collages on top. I think I’ve mentioned before on the blog that I finally noticed that the person who draw those pictures is the same person who is credited with editing the collection. That’s one way to get your work out there: shove it in with all of the better artists’ work.


Time for the stamps — there are some old U.S. stamps down at the bottom, and I always love the tropical fruit stamps from Taiwan. Do you have any favorites?

stamp 1abstamp 1astamp 1

Toon & Animal Edition: Received from Belgium, China, Finland, Hong Kong, and Japan

I’m finally making it around to showing some of my incomings! I’ve got the front side of 12 this time, almost all received through Postcrossing Forum tags.

Charlie Brown is writing to his grandma! That makes me feel nostalgic. This card is from Aichi, Japan.


Snoopy picturing himself on the beach came from Finland. The sender tells me:

I love forests, and meadows. If I only had a good camera, I would photograph, but maybe one day. Have bought online lots of used Peanuts albums (from the 60s and 70s) together with Calvin & Hobbes. You don’t have to take literature too seriously, ha ha!

Another card from Finland: it’s always great to see the Beagle Boys!


It’s probably pretty obvious the Disney card came from Japan.

The Moomin card is another one from Finland, from a true fan of the characters, who writes: “if you have not read Moomin books, I sure recommend!! They are also for adults!” She is a retired teacher, so she should know! Moomin isn’t my jam, but I do know a retired guy who is into it, in a big way–so I will send this card on to him.


Badtz & Hana came to me from Saitama, Japan.

The next card came to me from Hong Kong, and it is labeled “Little Warlord–Mai Min Zhong, 1960s.” The sender writes, “this is a Hong Kong comic book cover. It has stopped publish many years ago sadly.”


Okay, on to the animals! I am a squirrel lover, & this one found its way to me from Germany. It had a squirrel stamp, which you can see at the end of this post. The sender writes,

I love squirrels, they are so cute. They are quite used to people in the park, around here, so you can watch them closely. Did you know there’s a mythological squirrel in the Edda? He’s called Ratatoskr, a messenger running up and down Yggdrasil. Quite benefiting their swiftness, I think!


I love this panda card! It, too, came to me from Germany.

I always enjoy seeing jelly fish, and these beauties came on another card from Hong Kong.Disney591

It’s a card from the U.S., from North Carolina. I was trying to decide whether the turtle was digging into sand or snow.

This great big shaped card is from Belgium, and I would love it–but I see that the dolphin is in a swimming pool, rather than in the wild. I’m hopeful for a future where we don’t see the need to do this.


Time for stamps, stickers, & washi tape! Lots of great stuff, including stamps from some cards whose front sides didn’t make the cut. What do you love here?


Marine Life Edition, with Weather Reporting: Received from China & the U.S.

Time for another small batch posting, to get my backlog of postcards up here. This time we have a theme, and one of my very favorite themes: ocean animals!

I love all of these colorful fish. It came via a Postcrossing Forum tag (as did all of the cards in this post), from China.

postcard 271

The sender writes, in part:

I don’t like too hot weather. If it’s hot, I don’t want to go out. >_<

Contrast that with the next card, the wonderful seal (also from China), where the sender tells me:

Today is a little cold in my city. I don’t love winter day. But I love polar animals!

I fall with that second correspondent.

postcard 270

There’s the only way I like to see orcas (and dolphins)–in their natural element! The card represents San Juan Island, Washington, but the sender is in Florida. She also has a weather report:

Best wishes from rainy & dreary Florida!

Time for a look at stamps & stuff.  I like the super panda drawing, and the sticker of the little old couple watching it fly!

postcard 272

Stickers to My Postal Pals! Sent to Hawaii & Japan

Do you ever get mail from postal pals, and wonder how you can possibly match–let alone top–their creativity, generosity, and/or resourcefulness?  Welcome to my world.  I just have to resign myself to do my best.  I recently sent a little something to friends in Hawaii & Tokyo, who just happen to both be Peanuts lovers.


I remember the “Easter Beagle” TV special being one of my favorites as a kid.  I don’t remember why, but I think I have the DVD around someplace, so I can rediscover the reason.

Fortunately, cool Peanuts stickers do turn up occasionally in a drugstore, supermarket, or card shop, as these two varieties did at the same time about a week ago. Then I made a couple of envelopes; a page from a worn out Richard Scarry book went off to Hawaii…


…along with a postcard that just came into my life a day or so before. I have a bad habit of sending Hawaii-related stuff right back to Hawaii, including this Mama’s Fish House card someone at my workplace apparently didn’t want anymore.

For my Tokyo-bound packet, I fashioned an envelope out of a photo from last year’s Save the Manatee Club calendar.  This is at least the 3rd year I’ve been making sure to have one of these calendars hanging in my kitchen–and for all I know, they keep publishing the same shots every year!


A note on a Snoopy card–because no one at work dumped off any postcards for Tokyo restaurants.

Here are the backs of the envelopes, complete with washi tape & on one, a sticker.  The sticker came from the Marine Mammal Center (a wonderful California organization for which a family member has volunteered; to which I occasionally donate; and to which my Amazon Smile preference is currently designated).


International Incidents! Received from Canada, Finland, Japan, & Russia

DORAEMON!  And some other great cards, too…

2015-11-05 09.16.58

Doraemon came to me from Shizuoka, Japan, thanks to a Postcrossing Forum USA-Asia tag trade. Love this card, and the stamp, too (see the image below).  The sender tells me Shizuoka Prefecture is “famous for the world heritage (site), Mt. Fuji.”  She also tells me she is a cooking teacher, working in her kitchen studio, and she spent a couple of years living in Boston… “I have also been to California, 3 years ago.  Both places are really nice!  I love U.S.A.!”

The rest of these are regular Postcrossing cards, and while we are talking about people who have lived internationally, let’s move on to that beautiful sea turtle.  The sender, from Ottawa, Canada, has actually just moved there, having previously lived in Istanbul, Turkey and Taipei, Taiwan.

The beautiful bears are on a card from Saint Petersburg, Russia, and they come with a story.  The sender tells me:

“Once upon a time, I was in the Siberia, me and my friend walked from our side of a pass and a pair of bears from another, and we met at the top.  So, bears was not too hungry, and I can sen this card to you.  :)”


That delicious-looking food hawker scene from Vietnam was sent to me from Finland!  The sender picked the card up while traveling a couple of years back, and she tells me:

“I liked Vietnam very much, but my favorite country in Asia is Burma (or Myanmar). I just loved the country and the food was excellent. :)”

Mmm, I’d love to go to both of those places & eat up.

Stamps & postmarks:

2015-11-05 09.18.59


Seals Wet, Canada Dry: Sent to The Philippines and Taiwan

Sending some cards out for my new favorite part of Postcrossing, the Forum!


The first card goes to Manila, Philippines, for a manga/anime tag. This Postcrosser is like me, in that she is wishing for a message on the back of the cards she gets.  She does offer an extensive list of favorites, but, she says:

“…any postcard is welcome. All I would like is to connect with you!  If you don’t know what to write in your postcard, you can tell me a little quirk about yourself…or what your postcard is about, or something about your country! Your favorite quote..a memory that makes you laugh. Or you can write a phrase or a sentence in your language and translate it, that would be really cool! Are you a cat person or a dog person? Anything random that comes in your mind will do!”

The next two cards are going to Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, to different Postcrossing members.  I was not enough of an idiot to ask whether they know one another; after all, Kaohsiung City has a population of about 2.77 million people!

I wonder whether these two know one another.

The harbor seals are part of a sea life/marine animals tag, and the bit of box is for a food packaging exchange.  This last Postcrosser, I learned, has had it up to here with scenic postcards: “PLEASE… NO more city views or landscape cards.”


Sent to Germany, Netherlands, and Russia

My number of cards traveling via Postcrossing dwindled down to three, so I thought I would send out three more.


The Popeye card goes out to a 4-year-old in Drachten, Netherlands who, if I am to believe what I am reading, is managing her own account.  Well, her profile only talks about what she wants and doesn’t want, so maybe it is believable after all!

The cow card goes to Berlin, Germany, to a young woman who grew up on a farm, but moved to the city for her studies–and seems to miss living “on a farm in a village in middle of green nature.”

The cat eyes go to Ozyorsk, Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia.  Wikipedia tells me this is a “closed town,” which is apparently “a settlement where travel and/or residency restrictions are applied so that specific authorization is required to visit or remain overnight. They may be sensitive military establishments or secret research installations which require much more space or freedom than is available in a conventional military base. Closed cities are a feature of heavily militarized countries and secretive regimes, and many still exist in the successor countries to the Soviet Union.”

Yikes. Anyhow, the Postcrosser says she loves to read & watch movies.  Hey, so do I!

In case you care about the travel details of the cards I sent that arrived most recently–and even if you don’t–here are the stats, listed in destination, miles traveled, and days spent traveling:

Hemiksem, Belgium      5,502 miles      13 days

Kobrin, Belarus              5,912 miles      21 days

Swatow, China               6,759 miles      27 days

Received from Canada & the United States

Two in via swap-bot, in art or illustrated postcard trades:


“Cheers” by Alexander Wolf; “Rhumba Band II” by Lill Tschudi.

The card at top comes from Canada, and the sender jokes that the mice are some fairy tale side show characters, most frequently appearing in pub scenes.

This is downright chatty compared to the writing on the back of the bottom card, which came from somewhere around Houston, Texas.  Here is the entire message:

Hi John,


(name of swap-bot trade, as required)

(swap-bot user name, as required)

Looks happy!

Well, that was definitely less fun than a barrel of monkeys.  I am, as I’ve said, not into this to collect postcards or stamps, but to experience the joy of snail mail, which I thought might include brief peeks into other lives, places, and cultures.  And so it does, so I will shut up–for now.