A Few of My Favorite Things: Received from China, Japan, & Russia

Three wonderful cards to share this time, representing some of my top favorite categories: toons/toys, food, & animals! One of these arrived months ago, the other two just yesterday, all via Postcrossing Forum tags.

First postcard is this very large one from Yokohama, Japan. I love this old-school Astro Boy artwork.

postcard 313

The sender’s message on the back is intact in the scan below. As you’ll see, she writes of a toy museum in her town. I would love to visit. It made me think of one I have visited, the MINT Museum of Toys in Singapore. It also makes me think I should organize my own toys. Heck, I should organize my everything.

Some delicious food ahead, from Xi’an, China:

They are one kind Chinese pie on this card. There are many tastes: Chinese leek & egg, blanched garlic leaves & egg, Chinese leek & beef, Chinese sauerkraut & carrot. I like the fried taste.

postcard 314

Love that squirrel, sent to me from a Postcrosser in Russia! She tells me:

I love animals so much! By the way, squirrels are very common animals in Russia.

Time for a look at stamps and washi tape! Isn’t this an interesting trio of toy stamps on the card from Japan? I just looked them up, and they are from Hungary (the sender posted this card to me inside an envelope).

postcard 312postcard 315

Holiday Special I: Astro Boy Edition

There have been a couple of years where I was truly inspired to go all-out with the home-crafted holiday greetings, me-style.  Here is the result of one particularly satisfying bout of craftiness:


I’m not sure if my friends & loved ones really knew what hit them.  While my parents’ generation issued holiday cards by the bushel, it seems the practice is not as appealing any more.  Now, I don’t miss braggy mass-produced newsletters, but it sure would be fun to receive…well, exactly the kind of card shown here!

Coming Up: Holiday Special II

Stupid & Cats Like High Places: Received from Japan & Taiwan


Astrooooo!  That beautiful Astro Boy card came to me from Saitama, Japan, thanks to a Postcrossing Forum tag trade.

The Snoopy Tokyo Station cards at top & bottom right are both from a postcard pal in Tokyo, Japan, and they act as sheet 1 & 2 of a little letter she wrote me.  She had recently visited the Tokyo Skytree, and tells me:

“I saw a crowded city from a height of 450 m.  This city has a lot of buildings & houses.  Cars are like a miniature of a car like ‘TOMICA.’ A part of the floor is made of glass.  I couldn’t stand on it, I was too scared! My mom told me I was stupid, and I had to stand on it.  Of course, she was right, but ‘stupid and cats like high places’ is a Japanese proverb.  Do you like high places?”

I was lucky enough to get TWO Kiki’s Delivery Service postcards, both I think from Studio Ghibli/wish list tag trades on Postcrossing Forum (I send to people providing their non-Ghibli wish list, since I have no Ghibli cards to send).  Both from Japan: Fukuoka and Tokyo.

One more card, one more PF tag trade: that’s the Great Pumpkin card, and it came to me from Fengyuan District, Taichung, Taiwan.

Here come the stamps, stamps, and washi tape.  I love the Doraemon stamps, and the animal stamps, and the dragonfruit, and the Kiki stamp–and that l’il mail ninja!



Face it, Tiger: You’ve Hit the Mailbox! Sent to China, England, Germany, Singapore, Taiwan, & the U.S.

It’s going to be quite the session today.  THERE WILL BE  A RANT!


For now, though, let’s start with the tigers.  THREE tigers, going out in 3 Postcrossing draws.  The first goes to Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and I chose this card for her for no particular reason, save perhaps for the fact that she said she’d like to see anything unique from my country.

The next tiger goes to Singapore, and I feel that rant coming on.  CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS POSTCROSSER IN SINGAPORE?  She has been with the site for more than 8 years.  She has sent nearly 6,500 cards.  And as for her profile?

N   O   T   H   I   N   G   .


What is her point in participating in this site?  I mean, to the extend she is even participating; I see the lack of a profile of any kind a complete refusal to participate in the project.  The only reason I chose one of my favorite postcards to send out is that in the absence of any kind of connection between sender & recipient, this card helps me out by having a back story I can write in the message space.  I mean, I hope a message written on the card will not offend this prolific cipher.

/end rant

The tiger heading for Rotenburg, Germany will be going to an interesting home, I think. This Postcrosser had some very specific requests:

-Please write the date, temperature, distance, how much postage you pay for the stamp and tell me where do you keep your postcards to?

I don’t even know what that last part means.  I fulfilled all of the middle stuff, and ignored the “babynames” bit.  She has internet access.

Astro Boy!  He’s off to Mangalore, India in a Postcrossing Forum Anime/Manga tag.  This Postcrosser writes in his profile, “through Postcrossing I can see your side of the world :-)”

The postcard hewn from a package of pani puri went to Falls Church, Virginia in a food package postcard trade.  That product may not have been the perfect solution for pani puri lovers, but it was definitely fun, and it makes for really great postcards, I think!

The rather boring “Fremont” card is off in a Postcrossing Forum “China Meets the World” trade to Hangzhou, China, to an engineer who said he would like postcards depicting the sender’s city.  I told him I didn’t think these are very good representations. I would certainly snap up postcards featuring the Mission Peak photo on Fremont’s Wikipedia page.  It also shows a small corner of the city’s Central Park, which itself would offer several postcard-worthy scenes.

The last two cards are from the boxed set, “The Art of Disney: The Renaissance and Beyond (1989-2014).”  The Beauty & the Beast card–well, let’s just say I need a postcard secretary.  I scanned the front of the card, but have no record of the other side.  Doing some looking around, the scan date seems to coincide with a swap-bot Disney postcard trade, so that makes sense, yeah.  Apparently I mailed this off to Hollywood, England.

Finally, the Lion King card is off to Xi’an, China, in a Postcrossing Forum Cartoon/Comic Strips/Anime tag.  The recipient is an 18-year-old who likes giraffes, and Disney, and many other things.  She asked that people not write in cursive, because she couldn’t read it.  BOY, have I received postcards I could not decipher!  I do print my cards, though perhaps not always as neatly as I ought.

Here you go: some of the stamps, stamps, stickers, & washi tape:


2016-08-17 09.29.52

2016-08-15 09.18.13 a

2016-08-15 09.17.46 a

A Great Day for Postcards! Received from Canada, China, & Japan

So much joy in my mailbox, all at once!  Look at all of this:

2016-05-05 01.27.45

The raccoon card came to me via Postcrossing, from a class of 2nd graders in Ontario, Canada.  The child who wrote it tells me:

“Hi!  Our favorite holiday is Mother’s Day.  This is how we celebrate our moms.  Our favorite sports are singing, dancing and soccer.  Canada is a free country.  We get to choose what we get to be.  Take care!!”

I told them that my favorite holiday is Spring Forward, and I was not making that up.

The other two cards are via Postcrossing Forum trades.  The Studio Ghibli card–Howl’s Moving Castle, to be precise–came from Hokkaido, Japan, and the sender writes:

“What is your most favorite Ghibli’s anime?  I like Princess Mononoke most.  🙂  I have some DVDs of Ghibli anime.  And I sometimes watch them.”

“I have some DVDs…and I sometimes watch them.”  I love that; it describes perfectly how I utilize my own home video collection.  A lot of stuff gathering dust.  As for her question, I answered it by saying I veer toward the “cuter” stuff: Ponyo, Borrowers Arrietty, and the amazing Spirited Away.  Do you have a favorite Miyazaki / Studio Ghibli film?

Finally, from Guangzhou, China, there’s that fun Nian Gao pounding postcard.  The sender tells me:

“I want to show you something typical of China.  Chinese New Year is very critical for us, and we will have a union dinner on Eve.  As you see, the people in the picture are making rice cake.”

Stamps & postmarks down below–lots of nice stamps this time, and I am especially loving the jovial monkey!


W O W ! Received from Japan

W O W !


Wow wow wow wow wow (etc.)…

It was just a couple of weeks ago–less, even–that I received a cool Snoopy New Year card from Tokyo, Japan.  That was in a Postcrossing Forum tag trade. Well, of course I thanked the sender, telling her how much I love the postcard, stamp, stickers, and the Japanese practice of sending New Year cards rather than ones for Christmas.

Well, today I dip into my mail box, and see an envelope from Japan with a Doraemon stamp, and all kinds of cool postmarks, stickers & tape (scanned below).  I didn’t know what was going on, but I loved it already. Then I opened up the envelope, and out come those 3 postcards, with a coool sheet of Peanuts stationary, with the note, “I got (more) nice Snoopy cards, so I’d love to share them with you.”

What a day brightener!  I love everything about this, from the thought down to every physical detail.

Guess I’d better set about putting together a thank-you parcel!


International Incidents! Received from Canada, Finland, Japan, & Russia

DORAEMON!  And some other great cards, too…

2015-11-05 09.16.58

Doraemon came to me from Shizuoka, Japan, thanks to a Postcrossing Forum USA-Asia tag trade. Love this card, and the stamp, too (see the image below).  The sender tells me Shizuoka Prefecture is “famous for the world heritage (site), Mt. Fuji.”  She also tells me she is a cooking teacher, working in her kitchen studio, and she spent a couple of years living in Boston… “I have also been to California, 3 years ago.  Both places are really nice!  I love U.S.A.!”

The rest of these are regular Postcrossing cards, and while we are talking about people who have lived internationally, let’s move on to that beautiful sea turtle.  The sender, from Ottawa, Canada, has actually just moved there, having previously lived in Istanbul, Turkey and Taipei, Taiwan.

The beautiful bears are on a card from Saint Petersburg, Russia, and they come with a story.  The sender tells me:

“Once upon a time, I was in the Siberia, me and my friend walked from our side of a pass and a pair of bears from another, and we met at the top.  So, bears was not too hungry, and I can sen this card to you.  :)”


That delicious-looking food hawker scene from Vietnam was sent to me from Finland!  The sender picked the card up while traveling a couple of years back, and she tells me:

“I liked Vietnam very much, but my favorite country in Asia is Burma (or Myanmar). I just loved the country and the food was excellent. :)”

Mmm, I’d love to go to both of those places & eat up.

Stamps & postmarks:

2015-11-05 09.18.59


Some, I assume, are good people: Sent to Finland, Switzerland, & Taiwan

3 new Postcrossing draws:


The foggy view of California’s Big Sur is headed for Caotun, Taiwan, who says she is a high school senior, & very bad at grammar.  I don’t know if she means English grammar, or Chinese.  If she’s learning her English from the internet, she is definitely in trouble!

The beautiful tiger is on its way to a tiger lover in Helsinki, Finland. She identified herself by her astrological sign & her Myers-Briggs score, but I am sure she is a nice person, anyhow.

A Dragon Ball lover in Galgenen, Switzerland is getting that Dragon Ball card.  She is a mail carrier, so she may even deliver this card to herself!

Illustrating the Point: Received from Belgium, China, & Taiwan


The Clamp postcard comes from Shanghai, China, in a Postcrossing Forum anime & manga trade.

The colorful card of sea lions balancing ice cream cones is part of a swap-bot “chunk-o-cardboard” trade, and it comes from the same member in Geel, Belgium who previously sent me the hippo card I also love.  I believe this is not really an ice cream snack, but actually a room-temperature biscuit, but perhaps the sender will come by to correct me if I am wrong.

Lastly, from Taichung, Taiwan, come the deliciously-illustrated Taiwanese foods, mine thanks to a USA-Asia tag trade on Postcrossing Forum.  The sender tells me:

“(Taiwan is) famous for its traditional snacks.  It’s cool you’ve tried before.  Maybe next time you could try the ones on this postcard.”

Stamps!  That rose one is printed directly on the manga postcard.


Seals Wet, Canada Dry: Sent to The Philippines and Taiwan

Sending some cards out for my new favorite part of Postcrossing, the Forum!


The first card goes to Manila, Philippines, for a manga/anime tag. This Postcrosser is like me, in that she is wishing for a message on the back of the cards she gets.  She does offer an extensive list of favorites, but, she says:

“…any postcard is welcome. All I would like is to connect with you!  If you don’t know what to write in your postcard, you can tell me a little quirk about yourself…or what your postcard is about, or something about your country! Your favorite quote..a memory that makes you laugh. Or you can write a phrase or a sentence in your language and translate it, that would be really cool! Are you a cat person or a dog person? Anything random that comes in your mind will do!”

The next two cards are going to Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, to different Postcrossing members.  I was not enough of an idiot to ask whether they know one another; after all, Kaohsiung City has a population of about 2.77 million people!

I wonder whether these two know one another.

The harbor seals are part of a sea life/marine animals tag, and the bit of box is for a food packaging exchange.  This last Postcrosser, I learned, has had it up to here with scenic postcards: “PLEASE… NO more city views or landscape cards.”