Filthy Little Histories: Received from Japan, Singapore, & the United States

Another day, another 3 postcards though the mail slot:


The top two cards are from Postcrossing Forum tag trades; the “BOH” box from Singapore, in a food package trade. The sender tells me:

“BOH plantations is Malaysia’s largest tea producer and their plantations are located high up in the Cameron Highlands of northern Malaysia.  BOH is a well known brand of tea throughout Singapore and Malaysia.

The wonderful Studio Ghibli card came to me from Japan, part of another Postcrossing Forum trade, this one in which one person would send a Studio Ghibli card, the next person would send a card from the previous user’s wish list, and so on.  Since I have no Studio Ghibli cards to send, I tagged a person waiting for a card from their wish list.  Sadly, this card is largely empty on the back, save for the beautiful stamps shared below, and a “I hope you like this card :)”  LOTS of bland blank space, which does in fact make me like even this wonderful card a lot less.

The sender of the Arch card, sent from Saint Louis, Missouri, had a lot more to say.  Seeing the St. Louis Arch in my mailbox at this time sparked interest, because just days before, I had heard an NPR story touching on the Saint Louis Arch’s filthy little history:

…the Arch was built to honor St. Louis’ role in westward expansion, a time when Manifest Destiny was used to push Native Americans and Mexicans out of their lands…African-American neighborhoods were razed when the U.S. government annexed 40 acres of historic downtown St. Louis to create the Arch grounds. It was the height of the depression…

So many filthy little histories in our country. I guess every country has some amount of filthy little histories–but that does not make them any less filthy.

Anyhow, the sender’s message was fulfilling the requirements of a swap-bot “favorites” exchange, as I outlined briefly in a previous post.  This sender says her favorite movie is “Indiana Jones,” favorite food Pad Thai, favorite animal cats (she tells me she has 2), favorite color purple, and favorite season Fall.

I don’t care for Fall.  I am cold.

Stamps, stickers, & stuff:


It’s that chipmunk I love the most.