Postal Mishaps & Mystery Liquids: Received from Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Taiwan, & the U.S.

Foghorn Leghorn here is at Magic Mountain in Southern California, but the sender is from Queen Creek, Arizona. She sent the card to me in a swap-bot “cartoon animal postcard” trade, and she writes:

I have never been to Magic Mountain, but this ride looks like a lot of fun!

I have never been there, either. I’ve driven past many times, but when you are in that neighborhood, well, for me the correct amusement park destination is always Disneyland.

postcard 296

More toons: the caption on the back of this card tells me it is Mr. Muddle:

Poor Mr. Muddle just couldn’t get anything right. Everything he did, everything he tried, everything he said was muddled.

I know the feeling, I do. This is another swap-bot trade–“children’s book illustration postcard,” this time–and it’s from a swapper in Glencoe, Oklahoma. He writes:

My mom is a retired kindergarten teacher. I grew up on Mr. Men & Little Miss books. I enjoyed your movie review blog. I’m glad someone else enjoyed Ra.One!

postcard 298

Someone from Slavkov, Czech Republic was assigned to me by Postcrossing, and she sent me the Pooh card. Unfortunately, some postal mishap claimed a large section of the message portion–peeled it right off. It’s a shame, because from what I could tell, she was actually writing a very substantive, friendly message. The mostly-blank cards always make it intact.

Another regular Postcrossing draw, this one from a sender in Taipei City, Taiwan who says he likes traveling and photography. Isn’t the idea of a “wind-power park” interesting? I was intrigued–and I really like that piece of crab art–so I looked it up. It’s right by the sea, it’s got recreation & performance spaces, and those 7 windmills generate enough electricity to power the park for four hours after dark. Better still, there are more sea creature mosaic statues! Isn’t it cool to learn new things through Postcrossing?

postcard 297

That dolphin image is…interesting. I certainly prefer it to a photo of a dolphin in a swimming pool. I received it from Hong Kong, via a Postcrossing Forum trade of sea creatures cards. As we transition into the stamps, stickers, & washi tape portion of this post, let me express my appreciation for the BACK of the last card, which has a lot going on. I was about to express how much I am enjoying that Green Spot soda sticker, but when I initially looked it up, it turned out Green Spot is a booze. That didn’t seem right, so I tried again, & found the soda. So much learning!

I also really like the avocado stamp from Taiwan. Do you have any favorites this time?

postcard 299

This Cow Made My Day: Received from Australia & the U.S.

This cow made my day.


I received it from a swap-bot member in Phoenix, Arizona, but she created the card, she tells me, from a candy box from her pen pal in Japan.  She continues for about 12 lines about her recent postal habits: Mother’s Day cards, pop-up cards purchased, mail art, and more!  And the stamps!  WOW.  We’ll get back to that in a moment.

Postcrossing brought me that Hahndorf postcard from a sender in Adelaide, Australia.  I received it on her 365th day as a Postcrosser!  Mine is actually, apparently, only the 3rd postcard she’s sent in that time.  She says it’s the 1st to the U.S.A.  The other two were to Germany & Russia, OF COURSE.  Oh, Postcrossing, you need to promote yourself to more countries.  This is my 3rd Postcrossing card from Australia; I joined the site in August 2014, and have received one postcard from Australia in each calendar year.

Anyhow, about Hahndorf: the town’s postcard calls it “historic,” the postcard’s writer calls the town “pretty,” so of course I had to look it up.  The small town, it seems, is Australia’s oldest-surviving German settlement, established in 1939 by Prussian Lutherans. If you go there, I read, you will find several German restaurants.  In my city, there is a long-established German deli, and if you order the pastrami sandwich, the lady puts on jack cheese and sprouts.

Make sure you scroll down & look at all the stamps–what a stamp day this was!  That Australian stamp: even with a scan, enlarged as fully as possible, I wasn’t able to tell what the heck that was supposed to be.  Since I was able to read “Queen’s Birthday Golden Wattle Diamond Brooch,” I looked that up, and was able to find a clear image of the stamp, at a very large size & without the cancellation ink.  The only question left now is, why on earth turn that thing into a stamp?

Now, I’m not saying any of the U.S. stamps down here are winners, either, but just look at the assortment of ancient postal issues!  It’s like a little stamp museum.  Where on earth did she unearth these, and how deep is this trove?  Also, it appears they have not been canceled.  I wonder if I dare attempt to reuse them…


You know what my favorite thing here is?  The Australia sticker.

84-day-old Dill Sauce: Received from Czech Republic & U.S.A.


Golly!  I did a double-take after I registed that Postcrossing card on the right, and learned that it took 84 days to get to me! It was sent by someone living near Kladno, Czech Republic, a distance of 5,812 miles from me.  I have a traveling one that I’ve been stressing about; it’s been out on its way to the U.K. for 38 days right now.  I wonder whether the sender of the card I received today has been wondering about its status, or if she finds that’s been the norm for the cards she sends.  She has a chihuahua named Marshmallow, if that is any possible clue as to the answer.

She tells me this recipe is for dill sauce.  I put the recipe’s title through Google Translate, and it told me the language was Hindi.  After I set it straight–only then–it confirmed this is indeed a recipe for dill sauce.

The Buenos Aires postcard came from a swap-botter somewhere near Phoenix, Arizona.  She writes:

“Have you ever been to Argentina?  I went last summer and loved it!  We also got to go to the beach in Uruguay.  What’s your favorite place you’ve traveled to?”

Stamps & postmarks:



Horrible Cereal, but Cool Postcards! Sent to the United States

Some time ago, I was given the swell gift of a box of this cereal.  It was snail-mailed to me!  The swell part was not the cereal itself, which I ended up dumping after I tasted it, but the fact that it made for such fun postcards!


Yes, it’s another swap-bot chunk-of-cardboard swap, in which participants were to create postcards out of their recyclables.  This lovely round is headed for swappers in Saint Paul, Minnesota; Chandler, Arizona; and Atlantic Beach, Florida.

Stamps, stamps & tape for this round:


The Problem with Bisquick, is that it Tastes Like Bisquick: Sent to Netherlands & the United States

Time to mail out the recycling!  Time for my favorite swap-bot trade: the chunk-o-cardboard.


Mix these 3 things together, and you are ready for your job’s annual holiday potluck.

Before I stick any box into the recycling bin these days, I give it a good once-over, scrutinizing its possibilities as a postcard.  To be honest, I was doing a little bit of this long before I’d ever heard of swap-bot or Postcrossing, but now I keep a small stash.  The other difference, of course, is now I mostly send these scraps to people I do not know!

The preserved duck egg packaging went off to Chandler, Arizona.  I recommended this product as something she could add to her congee.  Don’t know if there’s a lot of congee going down in Arizona, but it could only improve things.

Something that I don’t think can really improve things is Bisquick.  That box is on its way to a swapper in Mill Spring, North Carolina, and she can keep it.  I don’t even remember how I ended up with a Bisquick box.  Not that there’s anything wrong with Bisquick.  I mean, there is ONE thing wrong with Bisquick, and that is that every single thing you make with it, ends up tasting like Bisquick!

A similar problem exists with Pillsbury products.

The dog treat box is going to Heerlen, Netherlands.  My note was speeding along so fast, I ran out of space just when I’d shared the saddest bit–about no longer having someone to whom I can feed dog treats.  What a faux pas!  If I had to mention it at all, couldn’t I have led with it?  “Greetings from California!  My dog has left this mortal coil!”  Well, you can’t expect me to always make the right decisions.  I am in mourning.

Oh, hell, there I went again.

Stamps, stamps, & washi tape:


Fun, double-sweet, with a strong chaser: Received from China, Malaysia, Slovenia, & the United States

Love that cut-out postcard with the bottles o’ booze!

2015-10-02 17.22.36

It came to me from China, via Postcrossing, and the sender tells me, “this is a card about the traditional Chinese wine ‘Er Guo Tou.'”

Next we have a pair of chocolatey treats, first from the swap-bot chunk o cardboard trade, from a swapper in Arizona, comes the talenti gelato bar.  The sender tells me these things are “confirmed tasty.”

I would probably first go for the Magnum bar, since there is no caramel involved.  This one is from Selangor, Malaysia, via a Postcrossing Forum “food package postcard” tag.

The old toys came to me from a Postcrosser in Trbovlje, Slovenia.  She describes Trbovlje (I hope I am pronouncing that correctly) as a “coal mining town in the heart of my homeland.” She also writes about this postcard:

“This card shows toys of our childhood, which was in collection of Children’s Museum Herman’s Den in Celje.”

Intrigued by the name, I did an online search for this place, and found a photo of a group of the most bored-looking children ever.

Stamps & postmarks:

2015-10-02 16.51.27

Sent to Gold Canyon, Arizona

The theme of this swap-bot exchange is “Send Me a Random Post Card.” Does this look random to you?


It’s actually specific, in that I dipped into the box looking for something this recipient might like.  Her profile seems to indicate she likes just about everything, including a lot of vintage stuff.  Better still, she doesn’t say she hates pink.  Fine thing, huh?