The Screen Print-opus

In which I audit a screenprinting workshop, and at the last minute decide to dive in with a quick cut of my own.


The original, with which I can make more (an octopus-armload & beyond) images like the one above:


I want to create more & more — and even try harder next time, maybe even plan my design ahead!  This was a situation of: “Uh, what will I make?  Uhhh–OH!  I know!  An octopus!” Cutcutcutcutcutcutcutcut….

Something Fishy! Received from Nevada, U.S.A.

Look at this beautiful piece of art I received in the mail!


When I responded to a swap-bot call to make a fish tank postcard, I was very happy with my entry.  I still am, but this amazing creation blows me away every time I look at it!

The artist, Grace, describes her work:

“I had awesome fun making your postcard. I gathered images from old magazines, an old book on fish tanks, the background from a new Game Informer magazine from my grandson. I really am hoping you’ll love it as much as I do.”

I want to frame the thing.

The art continued to the back of the card; here is a peek, along with the stamps.


The card’s artist created these geometric stamps by hand, along with a few more not shown here.

Sent to Netherlands, Russia, Taiwan & Ukraine

Four more going out to fellow members of Postcrossing:


A bit of variety!

Moving clockwise from the upper right, the card featuring Arthur, Mr. Peabody & Sherman up on a California coastal bluff is a resend.  I noticed on the Postcrossing site that a card I’d sent to Tainan City, Taiwan had expired–perhaps gotten lost in the mail.  I don’t want this Postcrosser to miss out, so I am trying again!  This time, I was able to tell her that since the first attempt, I have gotten to explore the streets of her country–for all of 2 and 1/2 hours (I was able to take advantage of a layover).

That retro painting of Glacier National Park in Montana, which I uncovered in the drawers of my old family house, is now headed to Tilburg, Netherlands.  The recipient, who works for a home-care organization for elderly people, didn’t seem to have a lot of requirements in mind for postcards, simply writing that she likes “the normal kind of postcards. I don’t care for handmade or the folded kind, but I’m happy with every postcard you send.”  I figured she might like this one.

The manatee card goes to a Postcrosser in Ovidiopol, Ukraine, who, in a long list of postcards she’d enjoy receiving, included “exotic fish and marine animals.” I consider a manatee something very exotic, indeed–certainly something I’ve never seen in the wild; I live in the land of seals, sea lions, & sea otters.  I recently received this in a pack of manatee postcards as a thanks for my regular donations to the organization Save the Manatee.

Lastly, there is the card featuring art by the artist Coplu, which is on its way to someone in Novosibirsk, Russia who says she is an artist & would like cards featuring drawings. If you scroll back on this blog, you will see a few other Coplu cards I have sent–and I still have more to send in the future!

Which card is your favorite? I think I like three of them the best…

Received from Canada & the United States

Two in via swap-bot, in art or illustrated postcard trades:


“Cheers” by Alexander Wolf; “Rhumba Band II” by Lill Tschudi.

The card at top comes from Canada, and the sender jokes that the mice are some fairy tale side show characters, most frequently appearing in pub scenes.

This is downright chatty compared to the writing on the back of the bottom card, which came from somewhere around Houston, Texas.  Here is the entire message:

Hi John,


(name of swap-bot trade, as required)

(swap-bot user name, as required)

Looks happy!

Well, that was definitely less fun than a barrel of monkeys.  I am, as I’ve said, not into this to collect postcards or stamps, but to experience the joy of snail mail, which I thought might include brief peeks into other lives, places, and cultures.  And so it does, so I will shut up–for now.


Received from Netherlands

2 in through swap-bot, both from Netherlands!


The Garfield card is for a “Postcards Through the Alphabet: G” trade, in which “G” would seem to stand for, “GEE, that cat seems to be missing a vital body part!” The sender says I have an interesting hobby, telling me she really likes my pictures.

The card with the Frog Prince (by the artist Ernst Kahl is part of an illustrated postcard swap, and comes from a Hollander who tells me she loves crafts, snail mail, photography, her two bunnies, books, and TV series!  Oh, and music–especially on vinyl.  It’s nice to get a card from someone who has so much to say.

Nice stamps!


I especially love those birds. I think I’ve seen cousins of these two running around at the Monterey Bay Aquarium!

Sent to Israel & the United States

Three out today, for a swap-bot “illustrated postcard” trade.


Clockwise from the top left, these cards will go to:

Mooresville, North Carolina

Mooresville is best known as the home of many NASCAR racing teams and drivers, along with an IndyCar team and its drivers, as well as racing technology suppliers, which has earned the city the nickname “Race City USA.” — Wikipedia

Topeka, Kansas

In August 1998, Topeka renamed itself “ToPikachu, Kansas”, in reference to a character from the 1990s video game franchise Pokémon. — Wikipedia

Ramat Gan, Israel

Ramat Gan is a city in the Tel Aviv District of Israel. It is home to one of the world’s major diamond exchanges, many high-tech industries, and Israel’s tallest building, the Moshe Aviv Tower. — Wikipedia

The two top cards feature art by Coplu, based in Canada & Turkey; the art in the bottom card is by Seattle-based Narboo, whose work has been seen here before once or twice.

Sent to Minsk, Belarus

Postcrossing stuff today!  The card I sent to Quzhou, China has arrived, after having traveled 6,387 miles and 27 days.  Now I get to send out another card!


Do you see the look of haunted desperation in that dog’s eyes?

This one goes to Minsk, Belarus.  The recipient expressed an interest in getting cards featuring local artists, so I sent this card featuring a typical work of William Wegman, along with a note on the back about how I feel sorry for his dogs.  My pup appreciates never being squeezed into clothes!