Let’s Just Agree to Ignore One Another: Sent to Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Poland, & Thailand

A mere 10 postcards this time! What’s the story with the title? We’ll get to it, but not too much into it–later.

Elephant & Piggie are going to Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan.

Hawaii 571

The recipes from a box of cake flour went to Niigata, Japan. Do you ever try the recipes on a food package? I have, from packages of chocolate chips & cocoa powder. I heard from the card’s recipient, and she does not cook anything from the recipes printed on food packages.

Off to Bangkok, Thailand, in a “marine life & sea creatures” tag, goes this sun star from the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I tell the card’s recipient I enjoy visiting aquariums when I travel, and have been to her local, Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World.

postcard 343a

Piedras Blancas Lighthouse goes to Saitama, Japan. I go to the area often, but never to the lighthouse; in fact, I just learned you can get a tour! For me, the draw of Piedras Blancas is the thousands of elephant seals. As it happens, on the very day I wrote this postcard, I took a little day trip down there to see the current denizens of the beach.

California Coast Highway 1 with Piedras Blancas Lighthouse

Far, far north of Piedras Blancas are Northern California & its coastal redwoods. This card goes out by request to a Postcrosser in Lublin, Poland, who noted, “blank in an envelope, please.” I’ll ignore that like she ignored my notation that I send my cards stamped and written, as the snail mail gawdz intented. And as I suspected, her “profile”is nothing but a list of cards she wants.

Coast Redwoods rock

For a food tag, this goes to Jakarta, Indonesia. I may have already mentioned that this vegetarian Chinese restaurant in San Francisco’s Chinatown isn’t the best representation of its genre–but I sure liked getting free postcards!

Lucky Creation Vegetarian Restaurant SF

Aladdin, Jasmine, & Abu are off to Hong Kong in a Disney tag.

Disney Aladdin

This cool Totoro card should end up in New Taipei City, Taiwan.

Disney584 b

Franklin is off by request to Taichung, Taiwan. I sure wish he–or any of the Peanuts characters–had won that election!

2017-03-06 08.45.50.jpg

More Peanuts: Li’l Lucy is headed for Yokohama, Japan.

postcard toon Peanuts strip Lucy balloon

Before stamps, stickers, & washi tape, let’s look into my Postcrossing Forum U2U inbox. I just got a thank you from an earlier send to¬†Taichung City, Taiwan, with a little museum report:

Thank you so much for the beautiful cards! They arrived at the same time ūüėĬ†We don’t have a lot of museums in Taiwan. There are two in my hometown, the science and art museums. But the museums are small and do not have a lot of works contained. I once took my foreign friend there and she said it was boring compared to those in her country. Thank you for always using great stamps ūüėĬ†Have a great day!

Peanuts Schroeder Snoopys Home Ice aa

Peanuts Schroeder Snoopys Home Ice



Hawaii 570

Hawaii 572

So Hard to Keep Track, Though: Sent to China, Greece, Hong Kong, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Taiwan, & Thailand

Lots of cards to show off this time: more than I can actually keep track of, as you’ll see. Mostly Postcrossing Forum tags, with a couple of Postcard United sends. Please let me know what you like!

I love sea otters! This one goes to Bangkok, Thailand–and I am jealous.

postcard 326 a

Trinidad, California goes to Lublin, Poland

postcard a California Trinidad

This beautiful tiger is headed for Hong Kong. Also to Diessen, Netherlands!

postcard020 MORRO BAY

The pelicans should land with a brand-new Postcrosser in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. Although he is participating in the forum tags, he has yet to upload a profile, which is always a disappointment to me.

postcard a Morro Bay pelicans

California Coast Highway 1 went off to Larissa, Greece, and the Grinch (from the Dr. Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden in Springfield, Massachusetts) went to Saitama, Japan.

postcard 360

Uhm, I didn’t do a good job keeping records on this next pair, but one is going to New Taipei City, Taiwan. This stuff is hard.

postcard 361

Here we have one off to Sarsborg, Norway. I hope the recipient enjoys this dramatic coastal scene.

postcard a California North Coast

Time for stamps, stickers, & washi tape. Do you have any favorites?

postcard 346postcard 345

postcard 359

postcard 362

postcard 365

The Fussbudget Goes Overseas: Sent to Japan, Malaysia, & Thailand

Four off on their way to Asia!  The two cards on the left, featuring famous fussbudget Lucy Van Pelt, are both going to Japan in separate Postcrossing Forum tag trades.

The top one goes to Tokyo, Japan, thanks to a Snoopy/Peanuts tag, and the one below it goes to Osaka, in a “Studio Ghibli/something from your wishlist” trade. ¬†No, Peanuts is not part of Studio Ghibli. ¬†That is what someone will be sending ME. ¬†I purchased both of these cards at the Charles M. Schulz Museum¬†in Santa Rosa, California, the only source for Peanuts cards that I’ve come across here in the U.S. ¬†I told both of these recipients that I love these versions of the characters; the original ’50s/’60s (but really mostly just ’50s) versions–complete with Snoopy on all fours–are my very favorite looks for the Peanuts gang.


The two cards on the right are regular Postcrossing draws, and how lucky am I? ¬†Two rare destinations in Asia: Malaysia & Thailand! ¬†Both cards are pulled from the Disappointassortment, but only because the Postcrossers expressed an interest in the general themes depicted. ¬†The book card goes to someone in Bangkok, Thailand, because she was interest in book/reading-related cards, and it is this card that is the problem. ¬†The manufacturers of this line of cards saw fit to coat the back of many of them in a somewhat-glossy finish that, as you can see by peering at my scans below, ruins stamped impressions one makes on them: the ink immediately blurs/smears. ¬†Also, not all writing implements can stand up to this surface, but mine is fortunately up to the task. ¬†It’s a shame I did not notice the surface before stamping, because that mailbox & fish look like h-ck. ¬†Compare them to the versions immediately below, on the card bound for Selangor, Malaysia.

Enjoy the stamps, stamps, sticker, & washi tape:


A FIRST! Received from China, Japan, & Thailand

Postcrossing brought me 3 more postcards from one of my favorite areas this week–including my first-ever card from Thailand!


The top card, with all of the illustrations of food, comes from Tianjin, China, having traveled 22 days & 5,293 miles to get to me.  The sender writes:

“China covers a large territory, which causes enormous differences of Chinese food among regions. ¬†I enjoy Sichuan food very much, especially hot pot.”

More food on that card from Kanazawa, Japan, which took a trip of 5,269 miles over 16 days to find me. ¬†There’s even food pictured on one of the stamps on this one!

Finally, my first card from Thailand! ¬†We need to recruit more new Postcrossers over there, because I would like for this to be a regular thing. ¬†I’ve sent 3 cards TO Thailand; I’ve even sent 2 cards FROM Thailand; but this is my first time getting a card from that country. ¬†Anyhoo, the card is from a Postcrosser in Bangkok, and it took a 7,947-mile journey in 30 days’ time, and the sender tells me the crafts on the water are the Royal Barge.

Stamps, stamps, postmarks & stuff:


So many wonderful stamps.

Like Cats & Dogs: Sent to Lithuania & Thailand

Sending out another 2 Postcrossing cards:


Snoopy & Woodstock are off to Bangkok, Thailand, and I am jealous. ¬†I told the recipient about my trip earlier this year to her city, & how I loved exploring the wet markets & night markets, and how I especially loved all of the wonderful, plentiful fresh fruit. ¬†No, it’s not at all the same here in California. ¬†I also told her, since she did specify a desire for Snoopy cards (something even more rare here than an ever-present, abundant variety of super-delicious & cheap fresh fruit), about my trip out to the big Megabangna mall, especially to visit the Charlie Brown Cafe. ¬†It was there, in fact, that I found & purchased my first set of Peanuts postcards. ¬†This is my second-ever Postcrossing card to Thailand. ¬†I have yet to receive one.

As for Lithuania, I have sent 3 and received 5.  This will be my 4th out, I guess, to the city of Vilnius, to a 47-year-old mother to 5 children between the ages of 6 and 23.  She claims to still have time for hobbies, including traveling, handicrafts, & Postcrossing.

There’s a difference: Sent to Taiwan & Thailand

From my local big city paper, the San Jose Mercury News:

Nooo! ¬†Who edits these things? ¬†And apparently, the person who writes the headlines not only does not also read the photo captions; s/he does not even read–nor skim–them! ¬†Many ignorant people will stumble into a Taiwanese restaurant & order a Thai ice tea & pad thai, but this is just way beyond.

Ah, well, on to the postcards.  I have a card going out today to each of these beautiful countries, which, I will throw in, are about 1,500 miles from one another, and each have their own very distinct languages, cuisines, & cultures.


The little post office goes to Bangkok, Thailand, in a Postcrossing Forum “Far East to America” tag. ¬†The recipient writes:

“I like to travel a lot, just want to see the world as much as I can and remember it with my cameras. So sending and receiving postcards is another way to discover the world. That’s why I love them too !”

The view of Big Sur is on its way to Taipei, Taiwan, part of a Postcrossing Forum “Taiwan Meets the World” tag. This Postcrosser shares a couple of interests with the other one, you will see:

“I like travelling and photograph…I would like to received any postcard ! ¬†These are my favorites: postcard of your country attractions or historical sites…Sea,beach,lake,river…Landscape picture (I will be very happy!)”

They may both even like Thai iced tea. ¬†I wouldn’t know.

Beautiful & (somewhat) historical: Sent to Germany, Taiwan, & Thailand

I was down to only 3 cards out via Postcrossing–gotta send out a few more!


The butterflies are migrating to Bangkok,¬†Thailand, to a recipient whose list of likes includes beautiful gardens,¬†traveling abroad, seeing different cultures,architecture, museums, people, and national parks. ¬†I think she may love this card. ¬†I forgot to mention to her that when I visited her city this year, I visited an enclosed (indoor/outdoor–an enclosed outdoor space) butterfly garden in a huge park.

The Jetoy cat is on its way to Taichung, Taiwan, to someone who indicated another Jetoy card as a favorite among postcards she’s received. ¬†I like this statement from her profile:

“Receiving postcard from other country, from people i don’t know is a special experience. Just like open a gift you never expect. Postcrossing color my daily life. Hope people who receive my postcard feel happy and surprised.”

The tiny post office is going to Ingolstadt, Germany, to a Postcrosser who is interested in ancient & historic architecture & sites. ¬†I swear this is the closest I’ve got! ¬†The building is about 65 years old, and Walt Disney visited this location way back when he was planning on building a family amusement park. ¬†Super historic!