The Hand I’ve Been Dealt: Received from Canada, Japan, & Taiwan


The first postcard is not a postcard, and I received it in a swap-bot “not a postcard” trade.  This huge playing card–considerably bigger than a standard-sized postcard–came from a sender in Beachburg, Ontario, Canada.  I guess she got about 52 postcards out of that deck!  Mine was the three of hearts, as you may be able to see in the scan below.

Ohhhhh, here’s a real keeper!  ASTRO BOY!  It’s from a Postcrosser in Hokkaido, Japan, thanks to a Postcrossing Forum anime/manga trade.  She says:

“What is your favorite Osamu Tezuka’s work?  I like ‘Black Jack’ best.  I sometimes read this manga even now.”

I don’t think I’ve seen “Black Jack” outside of a museum.  I understand it to be one of Tezuka’s darker works, not the kind of sweetness & light that I prefer–but I should seek it out.

French-Canadian Cheerios–from French Canadia! Okay: Newfoundland, Canada.  It’s a swap-bot chunk of cardboard, and this cereal box panel is about the same size as the huge playing card.  This sender has a lot to say:

“I have just finished reading your profile!  I see we have a favorite thing in common–beaches & exploring the coastline & tide pools!!   I love finding ocean treasures. 🙂  It’s one of the few things I collect—the other being books! (I have an e-reader & it can hold 30,000, I only have 500 so far!) And pens–pens are actually a fetish for me!! I love colored, glitter, smelly pens & sharpies!!”

As to pens, I think they can be great for coloring & for art, but for writing, I seek out a specific pen I’ve been buying by the box.  I’m buying for legibility & smear-proof-osity-aciousness, and make my ink black!  Here in the postcarding world, I’ve discovered that the fun pens can make for cards that are not at all easy (for me) to read.  I had a recent incident where a Postcrosser had written the postcard ID in a shiny, light green ink (as I recall), and I had suuuuch a difficult time making out the number.  I might have had to ask for help.  I’ve had to do that upon occasion, and I’ve also had to take cards right up to a lamp.  Now, just to make things clear (ahem), this card’s sender did right very clearly with black ink, and I had no trouble reading anything on her card.

Let’s end at the top right, with that delicious food postcard from Taipei, Taiwan.  It’s a regular Postcrossing card.  Mango shaved ice, steamed buns (xlb)… I love it so much, it escaped my mind I’d already logged it here!

Stamps, stickers, postmarks…