Triple Delight: Sent to Indonesia, Russia, & Singapore

Two new Postcrossing draws this time, plus a private send!


The Boca packaging goes to my postcard pal in Bekasi Utara, Indonesia, who likes food package postcards.  For her album, she requests that the cards be cut to 10 x 15 centimeters.  I entered that into my “translate into United States-lish,” and found that she is asking for 4 x 6 -inch cards.  On the back, I told her how we had just marked my favorite holiday: Spring Forward, or the onset of Daylight Savings Time.  I wait throughout the winter, not just for spring, but for the return of the evening sun.  I am delighted!

I’m also delighted to be assigned a Postcrossing card to Singapore, which is where I am sending that rabbit card (the recipient loves rabbits, so I was happy to have this card to send her).  I really enjoyed the time I spent in her country a few years back: warm weather, tropical beauty, and delicious food!  I hope to return sooner, rather than later.  The Postcrosser said she enjoyed quotes/sayings from the senders’ countries, so I shared with her one of my favorite quotations:

“Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.”   — Groucho Marx

One final delight is the profile of the Postcrosser from Zhukovskiy, Russia I was assigned.  She should get a prize: in nearly 20 lines of profile, she doesn’t say one single word about postcards!  The profile is all profile: she likes kayaking, traveling, Japanese literature…  Now, she’s been on the site less than 2 full months, so she is probably still naive like I was.   Since she is a kayaker, I sent her a card depicting some beautiful marine mammals, any of which one might see during a kayak ride off  the California coast.


Please Help Me Identify This Fruit! 3 from Indonesia

Wow–3 cards from Indonesia this week, and 2 of them in one day!

One is via regular Postcrossing card, another a Postcrossing Forum USA-Asia tag, and a third is a direct send that originated through the forums.


Let’s start with that fruit, though, okay?  It came from my new postcard pal in Bekasi (near Jakarta), and she says of the fruit, “we call it buah tinah here.  I don’t know its name in English or in Latin. That fruit is small and very sweet.”

I had very bad luck in my web searches trying to find this fruit, or a photo of it.  I tried several different variations on the name & where it grows, and at one point I ended up with an entire search field full of photos of figs.  CAN YOU HELP ME?  Do YOU know what this is?  I’d really like to know more, and see photos of the inside.

Clearly I need to go to Indonesia so I can try it.

On to the map card.  It’s the regular Postcrossing draw, and it came from an English teacher in Jakarta, who says, “I encourage my students to join Postcrossing so they can practice their English.  I’m hoping to visit USA one day and have a road trip visiting my friends living there.”

Students practicing their English–what a coincidence:  the third card, also from Jakarta, comes from a 15-year-old (who, by the way, has just about the neatest printing I’ve ever seen in my time postcarding) who tells me, “I’m new to Postcrossing and I’m enjoying this activity so much.  This activity of course will help me improve my English skill.”

This made me wonder whether he is a student of the teacher who wrote to me.  In e-correspondence, he said he is not.

He also, on his card, wrote about the hotel depicted: “Preanger Hotel is a luxury hotel for high-class people.  The luxury renowned since Dutch-East Indies colonial era and is still hold its status as the most luxury hotel of its era.” 

I might tell him that “rich” does not equal “high class.”

Stamps, postmarks, & washi tape: three cards from the same country, 7 stamps total–and every single one of them is different!  I love every single one of these stamps.  Isn’t scanning great?  It means we can see all the great detail here, enlarged for ease of viewing.


I love mynah birds.

Pup at the Gate: Sent to China & Indonesia

Two more postcards off overseas:Postcard449

Chongqing, China is the destination for the gate of the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas, the location of a favorite restaurant of mine (as I wrote in yesteday’s post).  I love the foggy view!  The card goes out in a Postcrossing Forum “China Meets the World” tag trade.

The other card goes out in a private trade with a Postcrosser in Bekasi, Indonesia who is a dog lover.  Since I only have cards with drawings of dogs rather than photos, I had asked her if she even wanted that.  She replied, “yes all kinds of dog postcards, even it’s made of dog food/biscuit box, really.”  This, I can do!

By the way, if you are planning on dining at the restaurant inside the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas, your pup will have to stay in the car (so pick a cool day–not Tuesday, the restaurant is closed on Tuesdays–and try to find a shady spot to park).

Stamps, stamps, & washi tape:



Continental Drift: Received from China, Indonesia, & Japan

Three cards received from Asia in one day!


If you take part in Postcrossing, you must already suspect this is an engineered situation–and it is.  If you are to receive three Postcrossing cards in one day from one continent, that continent would certainly be Europe–and then, most likely from Nordic & former Easter Bloc countries.

I wrote that, & then immediately imagined Postcrossers in those countries opening their mailboxes & sighing, “oh, lawzy, another card from the United States?!?”

These cards are not from the standard Postcrossing, but from the Forums, where one can choose a topic of interest (something like “Send Me a Lighthouse Card,” if that’s the kind of thing you are into), and know where their cards are going–and sometimes even where they are coming from.  It’s a very nice way to round out your “to” and “from” columns! Here I’ve got cards from “Far East to America” and “China Meets the World.”

All three cards come from places high on my “to visit” list.  The fish comes from Bekasi, Indonesia, and is not from either of the trades I mentioned, but a card sent as a thanks from someone to whom I sent a card–in one of those trades.  Scroll down & look at the wonderful stamps–the card was covered in them!

The painting came from a postgraduate student in Xiamen, China who tells me she has two pet hamsters. She named them Calorie & Meat–“because they’re too fat.”

The nengajo card came from Tokyo, Japan.  I’ve been receiving quite a variety of these New Year greetings from Japan, and I love them!  As I’ve mentioned previously, I wish New Year cards were more of a thing here.  I send them, but they–New Year’s greeting cards of any type whatsoever– can be hard to find.

Stamps, stickers, postmarks: I love the fish sticker & the tumpeng stamps!


Spicy Egg Curry: Sent to Finland & Indonesia

2015-12-27 09.59.41 A.jpg

Hold on, I’ll get to this part…

I sent a couple of cards off on their way, both for Postcrossing Forum trades…


Kitty has to go, and it’s going to a Jetoy-desiring Postcrosser in Kuopio, Finland, thanks to a “Hello Kitty/something from your wish list” trade in which her wish list included Jetoy cards.  So now before too long I should be getting, from someone, somewhere in the world, a Hello Kitty postcard.   I did make a note that I’d like it better still if I were to receive not necessarily Hello Kitty (who is not a cat), but one of her friends–fingers crossed for Badtz-Maru!

The dog is going to Bekasi, Indonesia, to a person whom I recently tagged in another Postcrosing Forum trade.  Back then, the tag was in a “marine life & sea creatures” trade; this time, it’s “Far East to America.”  I’m the America part.  The recipient had a list of desired postcards, and one of those desires was cards with dogs.

So, what did I write about?  Inda nu shaak, or carmamelized onion, coconut, & egg curry! I received Meera Sodha’s Made in India cookbook as a Christmas gift, and was looking forward to getting to work on the recipes.  I didn’t have to wait long; I was invited to a brunch, to which I was asked to bring “a vegetarian breakfast casserole.”  Of course, I wanted to bring something I would actually want to eat–so I thought of Indian food!  The finished dish was delicious: coconutty, tangy, sweet, spicy, and delicious– though it did make the most elderly of the attendees think she was “having hot flashes again.”

Stamps, washi tape, sticker:


Beautiful Creatures: Sent to Indonesia & Taiwan

I like this animal batch going out.



The manatees–the last of the postcards I received from last year’s renewal of my Save the Manatee membership–are off to Bekasi, Indonesia, in a Postcrossing Forum Marine Life & Sea Creatures tag.  I hope I get another set of cards for this year’s renewal!  As I told the card’s recipient, I have never seen a manatee in the wild–only in aquariums.  I also saw the manatee’s Asian cousin, the dugong, during a visit to the Singapore Zoo.

The kitty is going out for another Postcrossing Forum trade, this one called “Taiwan Meets the World,” and it’s on its way to Taichung City, Taiwan.  This user, with whom I have traded before, notes on her profile that she likes cat cards.  See how accommodating I am?

Finally, a regular Postcrossing draw!  I was excited to see Taiwan come up, but deflated when I see the Postcrosser has not written a profile. Well, the wonderful tiger is off to Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, and I hope that receiving a card with a 14-line message (not including formatics like date & greeting), inspires this user to tell her fellow Postcrossers a little that would inspire them as they go about preparing mail for her!


2015-12-17 07.02.52


Sent to France, Indonesia, and Russia

Three more out via Postcrossing, one way or another…


Slowly whittling down my big box ‘o’ children’s book cover postcards.

So last week, I finally discovered the Postcrossing Forum.  It’s a place to introduce onesself, to get questions answered–and to take part in extra trades.  Though I so far find it a bit difficult to navigate, I got a message from someone who wanted to trade to get one of my toy photography postcards!  She lives in Bekasi, Indonesia, and this will be my first card to or from that country (a country I would like to visit, a country with delicious foods).  If all goes well, I think, I will be receiving from her a card with a drawing of a cat on a toilet.  And of course, if that happens, I will share it here.

The other cards here go out as regular Postcrossing assignments.  “A Dog So Small” goes to Moscow, Russia, and “Stig of the Dump” goes to Verlans, France.  That latter card is going out to a Postcrosser who says she likes retro illustrations.  The former card was chosen because I mistook the Russian user for the French user, and had already adressed the card before I realized my mistake!  Well, I hope that they will both be happy.