A Few of My Favorite Things! Received from Japan, Singapore, & the U.S.

A week for some really great postcards!  I love all three of these, which came to me in Postcrossing Forum-related sends.


Mmm, look at all that wonderful Singaporean food!  The person in Singapore who sent this to me lists off the deliciousness, from the first column to the second: chicken rice, laksa, fried kway tiao, Hokkien prawn noodles, rojak, and wan tan mee.  She asks, “did you try all these foods?”  Here or there, yes, I have!  The day after I got the card, I felt the need to go to a Singaporean/Malaysian restaurant.  Gotta say, it’s just not the same here as in the hawker centers…

I love marine mammals, and that fur seal is beautiful!  The card was sent from Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A., home to the New England Aquarium.  The sender is a volunteer at the aquarium, and she says:

“The fur seal on this card is named Ursula.  I have worked with her before, observing her actions for research purposes.  Some of my other duties include working aquarium events and working at the rescue and rehab center.  This past winter we helped over 500 cold-stunned sea turtles!”

The Snoopy card came from my Snoopy postcard pal in Tokyo, Japan.  Isn’t it cool?  The sender has visited Tokyo’s new Snoopy Museum, and she gave me a little report.  She says it’s an “awesome lovely place,” and she “enjoyed watching original pictures and shopping.”  She had the most to say, though, about the cafe:

“It was bummer that museum’s restaurant (called ‘Cafe Blanket’) was super crowded, so I couldn’t have lunch there.  The menus are interesting such as Lucy’s Bubbles Lemonade, My Sweet Babboo (a milkshake), Snoopy Dish Combo, and so on.”

She says she will go back again as soon as she can.  I’ve already received–just two days later, I think, another Snoopy card from her, & I’ll share it soon.

Stamps, stickers, & washi tape: