Hello Again: Sent to Belarus, Brazil, China, Germany, Japan, & Malaysia

Hello there, it’s been a while! I am so behind in posting here.  I’ve still been posting–that is, mailing & receiving mail–but other things have been getting in my way of keeping track of it all: more work, more tired, trying to fit in more time for reading & other important things.  I’ve got a fistful of mail ready to go out, so let’s look at it before I send it off!

These all come from Postcrossing Forum trades, most from the offers threads, where a user gets to choose which postcard they will receive from a sender. I love looking through those, and discovering I have a card another user would love to receive.  Let’s start with Lucy here, because there is a story.  Not much of a story, but it’s as dramatic as things got this time around, so let’s go with it.

postcard toon Peanuts Lucy

I got tagged by a possible recipient in Germany, who wanted me to send the card blank in an envelope, because he wanted it for a friend. This is exactly not why I joined Postcrossing. Postcards are meant to be written on, stamped, and dropped directly into the mail box. This fella knew that, because it’s now part of my Postcrossing Forum signature.  Eventually, he settled on the idea that I could mail it directly to his friend–which is what I did (with a note that started off by saying so-and-so thought he would like this card).  Off it goes to Berlin, Germany.

Let’s go on to more Peanuts, and also more Germany: Snoopy here was requested by a Postcrosser in Köln (AKA Cologne), Germany.

postcard toon Peanuts Dark and Stormy

More toons, this time going to Selangor, Malaysia, to someone who likes children’s book illustrations.

postcard toon Eric Carle Museum Elephant and Piggie art studio

Do you know Elephant & Piggie? They are by the wonderful Mo Willems, who also wrote Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus. If you’ve not exposed yourself to his work, you are missing out.

Someone in Minsk, Belarus, wanted this windmill postcard from my offer album, so that is exactly what she shall get.

postcard a postcard fair 11

The “North Central Coast Wineries” map card was requested by someone in Yotsukaido, Japan. I told her I go to Monterey a lot, but I wasn’t at all aware of the wineries in the area before buying this postcard (at a gas station way down in San Luis Obispo County).

postcard a map SLO wineries

I took a nice little trip to Trinidad–CALIFORNIA–a few months ago.  This card was requested by a Postcrosser in Hefei, Anhui, China.

postcard a California Trinidad

The last card goes to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in a “last movie I’ve seen” tag. I never saw “Maudie,” though I did see the preview.  The last movie I’ve seen is Victoria and Abdul, starring Judi Dench.

postcard a movie maudie

Stamps, stickers, washi tape: see anything you like?

postcard 265

postcard 266

An Extreme Discoloration: Received from Brazil, Germany, Greece, Russia, and the U.S.


The food photo (?) is from a Postcrosser in Jaú, São Paulo, Brazil. This is such an odd food card–why would they process the image like this? I can neither tell what it is, nor agree that it looks delicious.  By the way, translating the caption printed on the card’s back, I learned that this dish is Duck with Tucupi and Açaí .  To which I responded: what is tucupi?

Tucupi is a yellow sauce extracted from wild manioc root in Brazil’s Amazon jungle. It is also produced as by-product of manioc flour manufacture. … The tucupi can then be used as a sauce in cooking.

Okay, thank you, Wikipedia!  I’ll share part of the sender’s message:

“Here is very hot all year long and we almost not feel the winter.  I also like reading and good food.  Açaí is awesome!  A delicious fruit.”

The gull card is from a Postcrosser in Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, Germany.  She tells me that her city is…

“…a cosy town with 160,000 inhabitants.  The city is located not far from the coast.  And I love it!  I have always lived close to the sea, sometimes I caught a glimpse and even saw whales!  I envy you for seeing otters once in a while at the coast.  I really love them.  ❤  So cute!  Right now, I’m sitting on a train to Berlin, Germany’s capital.  I always like to go there (today for attending a business conference) because the city is so interesting and wild. “

That delicious-looking chocolatey treat came to me from Athens, Greece, thanks to a Postcrossing Forum trade, and I can’t recall getting a card from that country before now.  I LOVE the octopus stamp on the back.  Let’s not even wait; let’s get a close-up look at that right this second:



Back to regular Postcrossing draws, that card full of sweet illustrations is from Russia.  The sender writes:

“You said about reading and eating.  I think it’s really amazing things.  Reading about food and places is interesting and useful.  It’s so cool to travel and eat different dishes in different countries.  Do you know, my dream is to try anything interesting in Michelin starred restaurant.  Also I want to try molecular cuisine.  My favorite cuisine is Italian.”

She and I are not born meal companions; my dream involves standing on a busy street, ordering amazing Asian delicacies as scooters whiz around & between me and the cook.  Okay, the traffic actually makes me nervous, but that’s where a whole lot of wonderful food is being prepared.

Finally, if I’m going to remember that wonderful food, I’m going to need a camera–and that came to me from McKinney, Texas. It’s thanks to a swap-bot ad/free card trade, and by the way, one of my partners to whom I sent a card in that opted not to give me that extra heart.  Despite the assortment of stamps I used, and the washi tape, and almost assuredly a sticker or rubber-stamped image, PLUS my average of 13 lines of text–NOPE.  I’m thinking perhaps I need to start taping cold, hard cash to my swap-bot sends.

But I digress.

As usual.

The postcard: the sender wrote, “I was so impressed with your profile!  I am sending this since you like photography.”

I like the stickers she put on (you’ll see), especially the funny li’l kangaroo sporting a pool floaty duck.  Let’s get to it: let’s take a look at the stamps, stickers, & stuff:



My Hobby is Running in the Street: Received from Brazil, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, and the United States

Here’s a batch I’ve been neglecting to log–mostly regular Postcrossing arrivals.

2016-08-08 07.21.23

DONALD DUCK!  Shiny!  The card comes to me thanks to the Postcrossing Forum “Far East to America” tag, and is from a nice sender with whom I’ve exchanged cards before.  She’s in Hamamatsu, Japan.  She writes:

“I work as a cooking teacher.  I selected this card for you, because I could find the many Donald Duck cards in your favorite!  We have the rainy season in June and July.  I sometime feel uncomfortable with high humidity.”

I love that “Hawaiian Rain Forest” postcard–heck, I remember those U.S. stamps!  Now, it was sent to me in a swap-bot “I HATE This Postcard” trade, but the sender (in Hamden, Connecticut) writes:

“I don’t really hate this PC!  I love mail in general, but this card–is in the way it doesn’t fit like the rest!  And you like Hawaii, so here you go another sign that you must get there one day.  P.S. All mail needs a P.S. too right?”

Okay, I don’t understand what she is writing, but I do like the card.  And two of the three stamps. I do HATE the third stamp, though!  You can check out the stamp photo below & decide for yourself which of the three stamps is the hated third.

We have a double serving of chocolate this time around. The fancy ones with the cinnamon sticks & coffee beans come from a Postcrosser near Nizhny, Russia, and the card’s back bears a stamp collection–5 great-big ones!  I love the mammal, which turns out to be a wolverine!

The other choco serving is a food package postcard (thanks to Postcrossing Forum) from a sender in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, who writes:

“Let me share a ‘phrase’ with you: ‘busy is a choice, stress is a choice, joy is a choice.’ choose well.”


The photo postcard of the trees is from a 15-year-old Postcrosser in Farroupilha, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, who writes in his profile that his hobbies are “jiu jitsu and run in the street.”  He writes:

“This postcard is about an important place in my city there you can run and relax with your family!  Bye!”

Finally, the illustrated food card–“from RUSSIA with love”–is from a Postcrosser in Ekaterinburg, Russia, and she writes:

“I live in this big city and work as a doctor.  I like travelling very much and making photos.  My husband calls himself a gastronomic tourist, we love going to restaurants in different countries and try local food.  I’ve never been to USA, but my husband was in California.”

Stamps–lots of them!

2016-08-08 07.18.58


Hitting the Box: Received from Brazil, Italy, Germany, & Russia


Oops, I seem to have scanned that bottom-right image sideways.  No matter!

That teacup-cat postcard comes from a sender in Moscow, Russia.  He is 16, and has been Postcrossing for over 4 years.  In his profile, he gets pretty specific about what he would like to see from other Postcrossers:

If you can, please, send me a postcard in an envelope with your favourite tea bag inside. Also, if you don’t mind, take a selfie with your friends or family and put the photo inside. Please, tell me any life story which was the most exciting/happy/sad… You can also tell me some interesting facts about yourself, your life, the place where you live, the country.

And now, here his the entire text of the postcard he sent me:

“Hello, my name is —-.  Greetings from Moscow, Russia.  Hope you’ll like this cute postcard!  Best wishes, —-.”


I’ve got two pieces of recycling to share this time.  The first, at top right, is via a Postcrossing Forum food package tag, and it comes from Reggio nell’Emilia, Italy.  Hey, it’s box wine!  The sender, who is originally from Brazil, tells me:

“…it’s called Sangiovese del Rubicone, it’s produced here in this region.  We are lately buying this kind of wine, it’s called ‘bag in box.’  The wine remains untouched by the air and so it prevents the oxidation of the wine.  We use this wine for lunch and culinary uses and we keep the good bottles for special occasions. 😉 “

I’m more of a chocolate guy, so I was happy to see this box panel come in from Porto Seguro, Brazil, thanks to the latest “chunk of cardboard” trade on swap-bot.  The sender provided the back story:

“I made this PC from an Easter egg box I won this year.  Flavor milk chocolate egg with truffle stuffed shell without added sugar, but it was still sweet.  Lol!  Is very delicious!!!  Cacau Show is a famous Brazilian manufacturer chocolates.  I hope you enjoy!”

Well, I can’t actually enjoy the chocolates, since she just sent me the chunk of cardboard, but that “no added sugar” thing is really sticking with me: after all, chocolate does not sweeten itself!  I wonder if the egg makers just bought already-produced chocolate, and can say they are being honest making this ridiculous boast.  Dunno.

The old-school still life, which I seem to have uphended, is a Postcrossing send from Berlin, Germany.  The sender writes:

“You see a picture from one of Berlin’s great museums.  Beware of the lobster!  He is a suspicious guardian of all these delicious fruits.”

Okay, someone’s been hitting the “bag in box.”

Stamps, postmarks, & washi tape:


I love that chili pepper stamp from Brazil.

In Which I Try My Hand at Writing in Chinese: Sent to Brazil, China, & Taiwan

More time in the Postcrossing Forums:


The It’s-It cookies are on their way to Taoyuan, Taiwan, in a food package postcard trade.  I wish I could find these cookies in grocery stores!  Every time I’ve bought them, it’s been during visits to the It’s-It factory.

Tiger at top right is headed for Nanching, China, to the girlfriend of the person I tagged in a USA-Asia thread.  He wants to surprise her with birthday greetings from strangers.  He sent me an image of the Chinese characters for “happy birthday;” you can see my efforts below.

Dale & Daisy are going to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  This was for a “I Spy” tag, in which the person I tagged said she spied a big tree.  There are several in that gorgeous photo.

Cat with a Pearl Earring is destined for Henghshui, China in a China Meets the World tag trade.  This Postcrosser, based on what she has sent out, seems to like art & cats, so I figured she has to love this.  I talked about one of my loves, going to the movies (today’s flick: 24).

Stamps, stamps, & washi tape:


Dropping the Recycling in the Mail Box: Sent to Brazil, Germany, & the UK

The beginning of another month means it’s time for another swap-bot Chunk of Cardboard trade, my favorite thing on that site!  I had my recycled “chunks” all cut & ready to stamp, write up, & mail off.


This month’s batch is going to:

Immingham, England

Porto Seguro, Brazil

Regensburg, Germany

Stamps, stamps, stickers & washi tape:


Personally Impersonal–but Mostly Impersonal: Received from Brazil, Germany, & the United States


I’ve got an issue, & you know I’ll get to it, but let’s start with the two top postcards:

Do you see that funky card?  It’s postmarked from San Francisco, California, and is mine thanks to a swap-bot trade of “ad/free” postcards.  This one had been printed on both sides, so the sender affixed labels for her message & my address.  She writes, “…I’ve never actually tuned in to this program–I’ll have to give it a try!”  I haven’t heard it either, though I have tuned in to the station.

The cloudy view is from Hamburg, Germany, via Postcrossing.  The sender writes, “…in front you see Blaukeuese, a western area of Hamburg.  It is a former fishing village which in 1301 documented the first time was mentioned.”

Okay, here we go.  The card on the bottom, from São Paulo, Brazil.  It’s apparently from a Postcrosser with whom I’ve had postcard interaction in one direction or the other.  Let’s flip it over:


SOOOO much empty space, waiting to be filled.  What is that pasted over on the left side?

Hmm… let’s take a closer look at the text:


“Hi,” yourself!

How nice it is to stay connected?  Sincere?  A bond?!?  I have had pizza advertisement fall from out of my newspaper that seemed more heartfelt & personal than this!  I’m afraid that if you do not actually write a single thing on your postcard, you have not made any connection at all.  All of that empty space makes me weep, figuratively speaking (this reminds me of a certain swap-botter from whom I received another cold postcard this week, but I’ll address that in a later post, if my heart can handle it).

It is a crazy world.

Stampy bits:


Donuts are Bad Breakfast Food: Sent to Brazil, Netherlands, & South Africa

Time to send out the recycling again!  It’s another swap-bot “Chunk-O-Cardboard” trade.


This time, all of my postcards were fashioned from a single cereal box, Cap’n Crunch Donut Crunch.  When I saw it at the store, I decided I had to try it.  I don’t know why; maybe I was subconsciously thinking about what cool postcards the box would make.  As for the stuff inside?  TOOOOO SWEEET!  Nobody who tried it could work with it; I ended up dumping it out–probably the best-possible solution.

These lovely cards are already off in the mail, heading to swappers in:

Porto Seguro, Brazil

Heerlen, Netherlands

Brakpan, Gauteng, South Africa

A sampling of the stamps I used:

2015-12-03 07.47.46a

Received from England, Finland, and the United States

Another batch from both Postcrossing & swap-bot:


Clockwise from the left, the first two cards came to me through a swap-bot “not my country, not yours” postcard trade.  I’m sure you can figure out that theme on your own!  The beautiful mountainside image–a scene from Brazil–comes to me from Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.  If the sender got the card during a vacation in Brazil, she doesn’t mention it or leave that impression.

The sender of the card featuring images of Cyprus, Greece, did visit her “not her country.”  She is from, as she puts it, “Snowy Finland,” and she says she would go spend more time there any time.  In Cyprus, she says, “in addition to swimming and sunbathing we were able to try paragliding, quad biking and go-karting for the first time!”

The Jemima Puddle-Duck card came to me from England, from a woman writing in the guise of her three-year-old daughter.  I let her know that 3 is not too soon for her daughter to be actually involved in her hobby as an early-literacy activity, and the two of them can share the duties and have fun.

I really love the snowman stamp!

Received from Brazil, Canada, & Finland

A big day for Postcrossing activity; these three were waiting for me in my mailbox:


The “Paulista” card came to me from São Paulo, Brazil, and traveled 6,454 miles in 40 days to find me.  The sender wrote me a message in both Portuguese & English.  The English message, in part, tells me the city is:

… a giant city with 25MM inhabitants, dreams, and wishes.  Those who are born here is called “Paulista…”

The Newfoundland card loaded with puffins was sent to me from Ontario, Canada, and traveled 2,159 miles over 8 days to reach me.  The sender tells me puffins are her favorite waterfowl.  I’ll bet she gets as annoyed as I do to here someone call them penguins!

The cookie & candle card comes my way–after 14 days and 5,403 miles–from Finland.  The sender tells me she likes Christmas: “it’s nice to bake then.  Have a delicious season!”  I think I did, but it’s January 3 now, so the season is now so far past, who can remember?

STAMPS!  I really like the Canadian Santa.