Familiar Folk, in a New Context: Sent to Australia, Japan, Netherlands, & the U.S.

Happy New Year!  Here’s a post that’s been sitting in my draft folder for a few weeks, while I waited for the cards to reach their destinations (to avoid spoilers for the two people who happen to read this blog).  I think it’s safe now…

I like this handful of cards.  Three of them are going out in an interesting swap-bot trade the organizer named “postcard roulette.”  We were assigned one person as a recipient–and then we were to mail a 2nd card to another, unassigned, partner from the trade roster.  As I said, I mailed out 3 cards–one to my assigned partner, one to another participant–and one to the organizer, as a thank-you for hosting the trade.



My assigned recipient is in Geldrop, Netherlands, and she is a Disney fan, so she gets the Aladdin card.

The swap host lives in San Francisco, California, and enjoys landscape and randomness (my interpretation), and that tiger card fits in both categories, I’d say.

The third card actually went out to a fellow WordPresser!  I was reading the profile of a swapper in Gaven, Queensland, Australia, to help me choose a card she might like (she likes wildlife, so I chose the elephant seals at Piedras Blancas in San Luis Obispo County)–and she mentioned her blog–Under a Canopy of Stars–which I follow!  Had to send a card & say hi.  Hi!

The remaining two cards to regular postcard pals of mine: The World War I Flying Ace went off to Kalaheo, Hawaii, and Pig-Pen (who would have made an awesome President) was bound for Tokyo, Japan.

A sampling of the stamps, stickers, & washi tape:


Some, I assume, are good people: Sent to Finland, Switzerland, & Taiwan

3 new Postcrossing draws:


The foggy view of California’s Big Sur is headed for Caotun, Taiwan, who says she is a high school senior, & very bad at grammar.  I don’t know if she means English grammar, or Chinese.  If she’s learning her English from the internet, she is definitely in trouble!

The beautiful tiger is on its way to a tiger lover in Helsinki, Finland. She identified herself by her astrological sign & her Myers-Briggs score, but I am sure she is a nice person, anyhow.

A Dragon Ball lover in Galgenen, Switzerland is getting that Dragon Ball card.  She is a mail carrier, so she may even deliver this card to herself!

Received from Germany & Poland

Three new ones in from Europe!  Nice diversity of images here.


At the top, from Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany (through Postcrossing, having traveled 6 days and 5,780 miles), comes the jellyfish postcard.  The sender tells me it is by a favorite artist of his, Vlad Gerasimov. I see that the artist primarily creates desktop wallpapers, in a wide variety of styles & subjects–very interesting!  I tried to find postcards in his online shop, but the closest I got was posters.  I told the card’s sender that I am a member of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which houses some amazing jellies.

The second card–with the cute piggies–comes to me from Poland.  It’s also a Postcrossing card, and traveled 7 days and 5,923 miles to find me. The writer tells me (among many other things) that her favorite writer is Harlan Coben.  I like his stuff, too!  Have you ever read his Myron Bolitar novels?  Always full of laughs.  The postcard’s sender tells me that Coben’s books always surprise her.

The third card comes to me from Alzey, Germany, thanks to a swap-bot “where you live” swap.  The sender tells me her town is over 1,750 years old, and is in the middle of Germany’s biggest wine-growing area.

Now, returning to the top & working back down again, get a look at all of these stamps!


So much detail on so many of these stamps, the only way to get a good look at them is to scan them! Or maybe I ought to buy a magnifying glass.