Horrible Cereal, but Cool Postcards! Sent to the United States

Some time ago, I was given the swell gift of a box of this cereal.  It was snail-mailed to me!  The swell part was not the cereal itself, which I ended up dumping after I tasted it, but the fact that it made for such fun postcards!


Yes, it’s another swap-bot chunk-of-cardboard swap, in which participants were to create postcards out of their recyclables.  This lovely round is headed for swappers in Saint Paul, Minnesota; Chandler, Arizona; and Atlantic Beach, Florida.

Stamps, stamps & tape for this round:


The Problem with Bisquick, is that it Tastes Like Bisquick: Sent to Netherlands & the United States

Time to mail out the recycling!  Time for my favorite swap-bot trade: the chunk-o-cardboard.


Mix these 3 things together, and you are ready for your job’s annual holiday potluck.

Before I stick any box into the recycling bin these days, I give it a good once-over, scrutinizing its possibilities as a postcard.  To be honest, I was doing a little bit of this long before I’d ever heard of swap-bot or Postcrossing, but now I keep a small stash.  The other difference, of course, is now I mostly send these scraps to people I do not know!

The preserved duck egg packaging went off to Chandler, Arizona.  I recommended this product as something she could add to her congee.  Don’t know if there’s a lot of congee going down in Arizona, but it could only improve things.

Something that I don’t think can really improve things is Bisquick.  That box is on its way to a swapper in Mill Spring, North Carolina, and she can keep it.  I don’t even remember how I ended up with a Bisquick box.  Not that there’s anything wrong with Bisquick.  I mean, there is ONE thing wrong with Bisquick, and that is that every single thing you make with it, ends up tasting like Bisquick!

A similar problem exists with Pillsbury products.

The dog treat box is going to Heerlen, Netherlands.  My note was speeding along so fast, I ran out of space just when I’d shared the saddest bit–about no longer having someone to whom I can feed dog treats.  What a faux pas!  If I had to mention it at all, couldn’t I have led with it?  “Greetings from California!  My dog has left this mortal coil!”  Well, you can’t expect me to always make the right decisions.  I am in mourning.

Oh, hell, there I went again.

Stamps, stamps, & washi tape: