SCUBA Chuck: Sent to Belgium, Canada, China, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, & Taiwan

TWENTY outgoing cards in this post! This all happened over the course of a few weeks.

Several more Postcrossing Forum tags heading out. Charlie Brown & Woodstock are heading for Shanghai, China. If you poke around the Santa Rosa area, you will find many Peanuts statues, decorated by local artists in many different styles. My favorite of the few I’ve spotted stands outside a seafood restaurant in a coastal area: it’s Charlie Brown in SCUBA gear.

The food package is going to Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. I don’t remember much about the cookies, but it says “crisp and buttery,” so therefore I know I loved them.

From Guangzhou, Guangdong, we go to Guiyang, GuiZhou, China— that’s where this big “Let’s Go with Lucy” card is headed. A card as large as this leaves a large canvas for stickers & washi tape, as well as plenty of room for a message. I’ve obscured the message, but you can see the stamps, stickers, & washi tape below.

postcard toon Peanuts Vote Lucy

Lucy pounding sand went off to Hirai, Wakayama, Japan; and Linus the door-to-door salesman to Tsushima, Aichi, Japan.


I chose Charlie Brown for a recipient in Tokyo, Japan. The evil queen went to Shanghai, China, and the beautiful sea otter was destined for Eutin, Germany.


“California is So Cool.” When I made a Disneyland trip not so long back, I tried to find postcards in the park, but failed. This I bought at a convenience store across the street, and now it goes out to Koriyama, Fukushima, Japan in a Disney cards tag.

Postcard 421“California Has Everything.” Now we are clearly bragging. This one is heading for Ashikaga, Tochigi, Japan, in a “what I’m reading now” tag. I’m reading The Underground Railroad, by Colson Whitehead.

Completing the California trilogy is the California Coast Highway 1 postcard, careening off to Hong Kong.

Another California card? Yes, this view of Point Lobos goes via a rare Postcrossing draw, to a recipient in Gnesta, Sweden, who expressed a preference for cards showing places–and Point Lobos is a great place!

postcard a Point Lobos

A second Postcrossing draw; this one goes to Dirgenheim, Germany. Sad to say, this lovely series of national park postcards neglects to mention the state where each park is located. This despite a long passage of text on the back so expansive that it leaves room for only a single stamp! The designer really does not understand the postally-obsessed. Not to mention that the postmark will more that likely obscure all of that printed prose.


Another one of the national park cards: okay, this one does mention on the back that Acadia National Park is on the Maine coast. This one is a regular Postcrossing draw, and goes to Lahti, Finland. The recipient requested that people not use stickers or washi tape on her cards, so I won’t bother to flip this one over for you.


Scuttle and his dinglehopper are going to Kuwana, Mie, Japan, in a Disney cards tag. Ursula is on the back of the card (proof below).

Now several more regular Postcrossing draws: not something I do so often any more, but I am just in the mood to send out more cards (and by extension, receive more). The California Natural Wonders card was actually in the “favorites” of the person to receive it; she lives in Zoetermer, Netherlands.


The lemurs are going to a paleontologist in Omsk, Russia. She wanted illustrations of animals, so here she goes!

The map card goes to a map card lover in Taipei, Taiwan; and the bridge card goes to Dendermonde, Belgium, to a lover of touristy cards.


Lucy and Schroeder are going to a Peanuts lover in Espanola, Ontario, Canada. Unlike the recipient in Finland, this person loves a decorated card, so I did my best on the backside.

Time for stamps, stickers, & stuff. I love these brand-new Bioluminescent Life stamps from the USPS!






Chock Full O’ Peanuts, with a Hint of Veggie Bacon: Sent to Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, & Taiwan

Over the past couple of days, I’ve prepped cards to send off in several Postcrossing Forum trades–including the nearly-always-dormant (but currently moving) Snoopy/Peanuts thread!  And though that only accounts for one of the four trades here, there are several Peanuts lovers in the bunch.


Lucy is pounding sand on her way to Dongshan Township, Taiwan.  This user wanted senders to draw a cute picture for her, so I did, as you will see below.

Those “bacon strips” are a vegetarian product from Morningstar Farms, and something I’ve been buying & enjoying for years.  The card is on its way to Singapore for a Food Package Postcard tag, and as I told that recipient, I just used some of that bacon this week in a veggie BLT with avocado.  She’s a dalmatian lover, and you’ll notice that I tried to please her when I adorned the back side of her card.


Let’s go with Lucy, a born leader!  That’s from a series of Peanuts character cards printed for the political season.  As I told this card’s recipient, who lives in Selangor, Malaysia, I do not think Lucy would make a good President–but I can think of at least once person who would be worse.

Finally we come to the postcard that shows us the time Linus attempted to sell Violet some bogus cat toys.  That’s the one that is going off in the Snoopy/Peanuts tag, and it is going to Yokohama, Japan.

Time to show off the backsides of the cards, each one a real party!  The stamps I pre-ordered quite some time ago finally arrived this week: they are the Lunar New Year stamps, and also the seashell stamps, which I love.  I’m also a huge fan of the shore birds postcard stamps, which I’ve had for quite some time.  I’m going to have to rework my stamp math now that the Forever stamp rate has come up; my first attempt, with one Forever stamp plus two postcard stamps, runs a couple of cents over the $1.15 international rate.



Special & Delicious Food–& Also Peanuts: Received from Germany, Japan, & Taiwan

I’ve been several days lately with no postcard love in my mailbox.  Yesterday was no such day!  I love every scrap.


That awesome Charlie Brown postcard at top left is from a Postcrosser in Hamburg, Germany.  She told me she was writing postcards while on her break during a night shift.  I’d had that card on my Postcrossing favorites, and I see the copy of the card I had marked was also sent by a (different) Germany Postcrosser.  I stared hard at the printing info line on the back of my card, and see it is indeed produced in Germany.

The “Taiwan is a happy land” card came from a Postcrosser in Miaoli, Taiwan.  All of the happy things pictured make me want to be in that country right now!  The sender tells me:

“I love delicious food too.  There are many special and delicious food in Taiwan.  This card and stamps show you about it.  I hope you will love this card as well.”

The stamps, yes, they are delicious!  I’ve included a scan at the bottom of this post.

Everything below the aforementioned two postcards is a surprise from a Peanuts-pal in Tokyo, Japan.  Wow!  That envelope: I think the original iterations of the characters–the first couple of years or so of the strip–are the absolute-best looking, and here they are!  I also especially like that card covered with images depicting Linus & Snoopy’s relationship.  On her note, which spans a couple of the postcards, my friend tells me (among other things) about a Japanese dish I don’t recall hearing about before:

“I’m into eating “Taco-Rice.”  Have you eaten that?  This is taco (Mexican food) and rice mix together.  I like to add some vegetables on Taco-Rice.  For example, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, and so on, and besides, tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes.  I LOVE TOMATOES!! I like vegetables, so vegetables taste good without dressing.  But Mayonnaise go well with Taco-Rice.”

Oh, you stop making that face.


Stamps, stickers, & washi tape:


Did Redd Foxx & Maggie Smith Ever Work Together? Sent to China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, & the U.S.

I didn’t MEAN to prepare & send out 7 postcards* in one morning — it just…HAPPENED! I’d done a lot of tagging in the Postcrossing Forums, and many of them came in, in rapid succession, after I’d already decided to write to a couple of postcard pals.


The penguin card, the first I’ve used from a postcard book I bought at the Monterey Bay Aquarium just last week, goes out to a Postcrosser in Hong Kong (one who likes penguins), thanks to a Hong Kong to the World tag.  I wrote to her about my love for the aquarium, and about its brand-new exhibit I was visiting.

That repurposed panel from a box of pani puri goes to Bakersville, North Carolina, thanks to a swap-bot “not a postcard” trade.  Well, it is a postcard now!

Did you know that your dog can ride the Skunk Train–as long as it has a ticket?  That card is on its way to a train lover in Guangzhou, China, thanks to a Postcrossing Forum “last movie I’ve seen” trade.  The last movie I’ve seen, by the way, is “The Lady in the Van.”

Okay, next up is Redd Foxx.  I mean, the red fox.  I have a funny little story regarding Redd Foxx, but now’s not the time.  THE POSTCARD.  The postcard is barreling toward a fox-loving Postcrosser in Shanghai, China, in a USA-any country trade.  I’ve seen a fox in a nearby wildlife refuge, but it was a gray fox.  The place does also have red foxes, I told him.  What I did not tell him was that the red ones are not a native species.

The red fox card, and the cat & dog cards that follow, are all from the Animal Box of postcards.  The cat goes out, by request, to a cat lover in Saitama, Japan.  As for the dog, it is heading to my dog-loving postcard pal in Bekasi Utara, Indonesia.

Below is a little peek at the back of all 7 postcards sent: stamps, stamps, and washi tape.


*6 here; number 7 was the Peanuts postcard in the prior post.  Its back is in the image just above, with the Charlie Brown stamp above the Peanuts washi tape.

Snoopy Snoopy Dog Dog: Received from Finland & Japan

Two Snoopy postcards received in two days!


That beautiful, character-loaded card on the left comes from Tokyo, Japan, thanks to the Snoopy/Peanuts tag thread on Postcrossing Forums. The sender tells me that she was “surprised that Peanuts postcards aren’t generally available (in the U.S.).  I never thought!”  Yeah, it makes absolutely no sense to me.  Are Snoopy/Peanuts postcards sold where YOU live?  Here in the U.S., it’s Peanuts greeting cards absolutely everywhere, Peanuts stickers just about everyplace, and no Peanuts postcards at all, unless you visit the Peanuts Mecca.  Speaking of the Peanuts Mecca, the card’s sender also tells me, “I have not been to the Charles M. Schulz Museum.  I wanna go there!!”

The Joe Cool card came to me through regular Postcrossing, from a sender in Vantaa, Finland.  She shared a quote with me:

“If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on.”
― Sheryl Sandberg

Stamps & stuff: I love bot of those Japanese stamps!


Special Collection from the Museum! Received from Singapore

I’ve received my postcard from the museum!


Only 3 weeks ago, I posted about the Singapore Philatelic Museum, its special Snoopy exhibition, and its offer to send “an exclusive museum Peanuts postcard” to anyone who sent it a Peanuts-themed postcard.

I’m excited to have a new & very cool Peanuts postcard to add to my collection–and I really like the stamps!Postcard417

Coffee, Cookies, & Peanuts: Sent to China & Japan

Two headed out via Postcrossing Forum tag trades:


The White House is traveling to Guangzhou, China, to a university student who is interested in historical buildings.

The cookies are destined for Shizuoka, Japan, for a professional cook who is interested in food cards.

A sampling of my stamping, & also my stamping:



Sent to Woodville, Alabama

This was for a swap-bot call for “note card postcards,” instructing the participant to tear or cut the front of a notecard off, & use it as a postcard.  Of course I signed up, because I have plenty of note cards laying about, waiting to be sent out.  At this point, frankly, the cards do not care if they have to be torn in half in order to get a little action.


I love this note card design. I think it’s brilliant.

The fact that I was assigned a partner from whom I’d just received a card a few days ago tells me that swap-bot is definitely not operated by a state-of-the-art computer utilizing complex algorithms.  This is the second user this week I’ve run into more than once.

So much for a newbie to learn…