The Hand I’ve Been Dealt: Received from Canada, Japan, & Taiwan


The first postcard is not a postcard, and I received it in a swap-bot “not a postcard” trade.  This huge playing card–considerably bigger than a standard-sized postcard–came from a sender in Beachburg, Ontario, Canada.  I guess she got about 52 postcards out of that deck!  Mine was the three of hearts, as you may be able to see in the scan below.

Ohhhhh, here’s a real keeper!  ASTRO BOY!  It’s from a Postcrosser in Hokkaido, Japan, thanks to a Postcrossing Forum anime/manga trade.  She says:

“What is your favorite Osamu Tezuka’s work?  I like ‘Black Jack’ best.  I sometimes read this manga even now.”

I don’t think I’ve seen “Black Jack” outside of a museum.  I understand it to be one of Tezuka’s darker works, not the kind of sweetness & light that I prefer–but I should seek it out.

French-Canadian Cheerios–from French Canadia! Okay: Newfoundland, Canada.  It’s a swap-bot chunk of cardboard, and this cereal box panel is about the same size as the huge playing card.  This sender has a lot to say:

“I have just finished reading your profile!  I see we have a favorite thing in common–beaches & exploring the coastline & tide pools!!   I love finding ocean treasures. 🙂  It’s one of the few things I collect—the other being books! (I have an e-reader & it can hold 30,000, I only have 500 so far!) And pens–pens are actually a fetish for me!! I love colored, glitter, smelly pens & sharpies!!”

As to pens, I think they can be great for coloring & for art, but for writing, I seek out a specific pen I’ve been buying by the box.  I’m buying for legibility & smear-proof-osity-aciousness, and make my ink black!  Here in the postcarding world, I’ve discovered that the fun pens can make for cards that are not at all easy (for me) to read.  I had a recent incident where a Postcrosser had written the postcard ID in a shiny, light green ink (as I recall), and I had suuuuch a difficult time making out the number.  I might have had to ask for help.  I’ve had to do that upon occasion, and I’ve also had to take cards right up to a lamp.  Now, just to make things clear (ahem), this card’s sender did right very clearly with black ink, and I had no trouble reading anything on her card.

Let’s end at the top right, with that delicious food postcard from Taipei, Taiwan.  It’s a regular Postcrossing card.  Mango shaved ice, steamed buns (xlb)… I love it so much, it escaped my mind I’d already logged it here!

Stamps, stickers, postmarks…



Sea Lubbers: Sent to China, Germany, & Japan

Three more going out in Postcrossing Forum tag trades!

postcard507 1a


Cap’n Crunch, actually, was sent over 10 days ago & already received in Tokyo, Japan; I just had the one outgoing card at the time, so scanned it to report later.  Today, apparently, is “later.”  This was for a food package tag thread, & I actually tagged my Snoopy-loving postcard pal recently mentioned here.  I told her how much I loved Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch as a kid, though it didn’t seem to be sold in my area at the time (it ended up being a “vacation food”).  These days, I wrote, I only buy the stuff rarely, like when there is a ridiculously big sale on the stuff–and sometimes I eat it mixed with Cheerios!  She asked me what Cheerios are.  Speaking of that cereal, watch this space: I received a Cheerios box postcard–printed in French–from a Canadian swapper this past week.

The other two Postcrossers I tagged mentioned loving sea life, so they each get the wonderful card you see below the Cap’n.  The cards are on their way to Tianjin, China; and Neuss, Germany.

Stamps, stamp, sticker, & washi tape from the postcard to the Snoopy-loving friend (as you may be able to discern):


A cereal world: Sent to Texas, U.S.A.

I cut up a big package of Cheerios this morning to make a postcard for a swap-bot “food package postcard” swap.  It goes to a swapper in Houston, Texas.

2015-09-30 08.57.34

I wrote to my swap partner about the card she is not getting: a panel from an off-brand Cheerios box.  Some grocery store brand, which I told her, if she saw the photo, she’d think looked like cardboard.  I told her it also tasted like cardboard.  Sometimes saving money is not saving money, when all you can think about when you are eating the stuff, is how much you want to dump it in the trash!