Catch of the Day, with Garlic & Tomatoes: Received from Netherlands & the United States

These JUST in:

2015-09-25 17.59.09

A trade of Disney postcards on swap-bot brings that Toy Story illustration, from a sender in Connecticut who says she hasn’t been to a Disney park since 1995, and never to the original site in California.

That coffee run originated in the Netherlands, from a Postcrosser who says that a recent cooking class she took taught her:

  • Italians never cook red meat with garlic
  • Tomatoes came to Italy from the United States


2015-09-25 17.57.54

Received from Indonesia, Netherlands, Spain, and the United States

Four in a day…all are Postcrossing, but for the bit of packaging you see, which is swap-bot.


On my favorite card of the batch, those beautiful foods came to me from Semarang, Indonesia, marking my very first card from that country.  The sender tells me some tales of the local foods:

“Many foods here are influenced by the Chinese who came here around the 15th or 16th Century.  Lumpia…is a kind of spring roll with minced bamboo shoot as its filling…a husband and wife who invented lumpia once were rivals who sold their typical lumpia.  The husband was Chinese, while the wife was local Javanese.  People here love to eat quail eggs.  It’s so delicious, though it has 3640 mg of cholesterol.”

Moving from delicious foods on to coffee & tea, that Folger’s panel, another swap-bot “chunk of cardboard” acquisition, came my way from Florida.  The sender tells me, “I love a good cup of coffee in the morning, nothing gets me smiling better.”

Back to Postcrossing, and some tea & sweets to go with that coffee, comes that note card from Didam, Netherlands. The sender made use of all the extra writing surface by telling me a lot about herself, such as the fact she bakes almost every week, and she shares her favorite quote(no idea whose it is):

“Kindness makes you the most beautiful person in the world, no matter what you look like.”

Finally, from A Coruña, Spain, comes the pendant.  Knowing I’m a lover of the coast, the sender tells me, “I love beaches.  In Coruña, there are a lot of beaches and I like all of them.  In summer I’ll go to all of them because they are so special.  In winter, I usually go to walk on the beach.”



I really like the stamp from Indonesia. I wish I were there right now, enjoying these beautiful flowers in person!