Sent to Minsk, Belarus

Postcrossing stuff today!  The card I sent to Quzhou, China has arrived, after having traveled 6,387 miles and 27 days.  Now I get to send out another card!


Do you see the look of haunted desperation in that dog’s eyes?

This one goes to Minsk, Belarus.  The recipient expressed an interest in getting cards featuring local artists, so I sent this card featuring a typical work of William Wegman, along with a note on the back about how I feel sorry for his dogs.  My pup appreciates never being squeezed into clothes!

Sent to Debrecen, Hungary

Debrecen is the second largest city in Hungary after Budapest. — Wikipedia

First card out to Hungary! The Postcrossing member set to receive this card asked members to tell her about their favorite book.  I don’t keep a “favorite book” in mind, but I do continually read, and I shared with her my most-recent favorite, Born Confused by Tanjuja Desai Hidier. This is also the book I shared in the recent “What are You Reading” swap-bot trade.


This user would, like many of others, have loved to received a scenic postcard of my area, but I’ve already been over that territory here. She also mentioned liking castles, though, and there’s a castle on this card! Someplace.

The recipient also made a request: “If possible, please draw something.”  I drew her a little cartoon of my dog.  Here are the practice sketches I made prior to laying ink to postcard: