Marine Life Edition, with Weather Reporting: Received from China & the U.S.

Time for another small batch posting, to get my backlog of postcards up here. This time we have a theme, and one of my very favorite themes: ocean animals!

I love all of these colorful fish. It came via a Postcrossing Forum tag (as did all of the cards in this post), from China.

postcard 271

The sender writes, in part:

I don’t like too hot weather. If it’s hot, I don’t want to go out. >_<

Contrast that with the next card, the wonderful seal (also from China), where the sender tells me:

Today is a little cold in my city. I don’t love winter day. But I love polar animals!

I fall with that second correspondent.

postcard 270

There’s the only way I like to see orcas (and dolphins)–in their natural element! The card represents San Juan Island, Washington, but the sender is in Florida. She also has a weather report:

Best wishes from rainy & dreary Florida!

Time for a look at stamps & stuff.  I like the super panda drawing, and the sticker of the little old couple watching it fly!

postcard 272

Something Fishy! Received from Nevada, U.S.A.

Look at this beautiful piece of art I received in the mail!


When I responded to a swap-bot call to make a fish tank postcard, I was very happy with my entry.  I still am, but this amazing creation blows me away every time I look at it!

The artist, Grace, describes her work:

“I had awesome fun making your postcard. I gathered images from old magazines, an old book on fish tanks, the background from a new Game Informer magazine from my grandson. I really am hoping you’ll love it as much as I do.”

I want to frame the thing.

The art continued to the back of the card; here is a peek, along with the stamps.


The card’s artist created these geometric stamps by hand, along with a few more not shown here.

Donald & the Mail Art: Sent to Taiwan & the United States


Donald is on his way to Su’ao Township, Taiwan (Su’ao Township, located in southern Yilan County, Taiwan, is an urban township that is famous for its seafood restaurants and cold springs. –Wikipedia).  The card is part of a Postcrossing Forum Disney tag thread.

The next two cards are for a swap bot “not your usual postcard” trade.  All it meant was that we could send anything but touristy cards, but I decided to go the crafty route, with a couple I’d had laying in wait.

The stampy card went to Lowell, Indiana.  Back in April, I sent this one’s twin (identical, though not identical–uh, read on) to Liverpool, New York.  I had created a single collage of stamps, and then cut it into two postcards, sending one out  for a swap-bot “stampcard” trade.  The remaining twin has now also been sent out into the world.

The fishy card is a multiple-birth, too.  This one went out to Stone Mountain, Georgia.  It’s been just a couple of weeks since I created a sextuplet set of fishy cards, prompted by a swap-bot trade instructing participants to make a fish tank postcard.  That first card went out to Enterprise, Alabama.  Here goes 2 of 6; so you can expect to see more swimmers coming through!

Something Fishy: Sent to Alabama, U.S.A.

A swap-bot trade instructed participants to make a fish tank postcard:

“I don’t mind how you do it, but make one fishtank-postcard for one partner. Use your illusion 🙂 All techniques allowed…stickers are fine as long as you use them tasteful.”

I love fish, sea creatures, the ocean, and aquariums–so how could I resist?  I couldn’t, that’s how.

John collage cards fish 1 061615 Alabama

Here we have some gift wrap, layered with black plastic from a mailer, green plastic from a newspaper wrapper, brown paper coffee filter, stickers, and colored ink-stamp impressions.

Since I was hauling all of this stuff out, putting in all of this time & effort, I got the most I could out of it by making six postcards, rather than just one.  This means you will be seeing various other versions here as time goes by!

Received from Belarus & Germany

More hot Postcrossing action:


The beautiful, juicy orange card came to me from Belarus, from someone who describes herself as a newspaper journalist who usually writes about the cultural life of her region.  She says she really loves her work–which I say is a wonderful thing!

That fishy card comes to me from Germany, from a Postcrosser who tells me she is a granny with two grandchildren.  I had a hard time deciphering most of her writing, but I think she also told me she lives in the mountains with her turtle.  Which could be code.

Stamps, postmarks, & stuff:


Received from Japan, Lithuania, and the United States

Three more in…


The card at the top of the stack was sent to me from Denver, Colorado, in a swap-bot trade of map postcards.  You might or might not be able to discern that this is not a map of the Denver metro area.  The sender tells me that fall in the Rockies is beautiful.

The two bottom cards come my way thanks to Postcrossing.

The card at bottom right came to me from Yokohama, Japan, having traveled 5,180 miles in 8 days. The temple pictures is in Kyoto, which the writer thinks is one of the best destinations for a domestic trip, with leaves turning red & yellow this time of year.

The third card–the one with the fish party–is from Lithuania, and it made a trip of 5,739 miles in 30 days to get to me.  I like that the card’s writer shared this bit of wisdom: “cleaning with kids in the house is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos.”

All three cards had nice & interesting stamps:


I guess I forgot that we here in the U.S. can make whatever stamps we want, thanks to services like Zazzle.

Received from Australia

My first postcard from overseas! This one was created for me as a part of swap-bot’s “Recycled Homemade Postcard” swap (my submissions here and here; the other postcard I received here). In my tired, after-dark, post-long-day-of-work,-driving-and-shopping, I didn’t initially realize this was a handmade card!


From the back of the card: “the picture is of a clownfish and a sea anemone which are best friends, they work together for safety and food.” As a long-time sea-life lover & aquarium member, I knew that–and was doubly-excited to receive this card!

Looks like the user cut the image from a box, then embellished the edges with a border of decorated tape. I wonder if this is a sample of the “washi tape” I keep seeing mentioned in swap-botters’ profiles and swap descriptions.  Me, I’ve got a small stock of whimsically-printed duct tape I use to perk up packages I send out to friends & family.


I really love this echidna stamp!

Sure is nice to reach my tired hand into my mailbox at the end of the day, lift away the junk mail, and discover these little rays of sunshine!  A real spirit-lifter.