Tastes Like Canned Soup: Sent to Australia, China, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Russia, Taiwan, U.K., & the U.S.

I just got back from Malaysia, and it truly is a food paradise. Sad to say, I didn’t quite make it to every single thing on this postcard! It went off in a Postcrossing Forum food tag to Quzhou, Zhejiang, China.

Food Malysia Food Paradise

The Hainanese Chicken postcard is also from Malaysia, but not procured during my trip. I got it some time ago when I ordered the wonderful book, The Food That Makes Us. A set of postcards came with the book! This card is on a trip to New Taipei City, Taiwan.

postcard a The Food That Makes Us chicken rice

Another food tag, but this recipient in Sendai, Japan, isn’t getting anything nice at all. In brief: Andersen’s Split Pea Soup is a pretty popular brand on California supermarket shelves, so of course way back when I first passed the restaurant–a popular roadside stop in the city of Buellton–I wanted to try their homemade version. Well, do you know what it tasted like? CANNED SOUP!

Food Pee Soup Andersens

Another card I bought in Malaysia; this one goes off in a “not my country” tag to Gunma, Japan.

Malaysia loka made postcards (16)

This is a place I’ve been to, but not in a while; it’s the Hotel King Kamehameha in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, and it’s off in a travel tag to Nairne, SA, Australia.

Hawaii Hotel King Kamehameha

Here’s a card I bought at the airport as I was departing for my vacation. I’ve come across a whole lot of California map cards, but I think this is my favorite. It looks even better in person! This one goes out to a postcard pal in Hawaii.

California Max and Oscar

This pair of shiba inus are headed for New Taipei City, Taiwan.

postcard a dogs shiba inu

This card goes to an otter lover in Hamburg, Germany.

postcard California Sea Otter

Another otter card for another otter lover, this one in Shenyang, Liaoning, China.

Postcard A Sea Otter California Coast

Honest John went off in a Disney tag to Ylivieska, Finland.

Disney Villains Honest John

Postcrossing Forum has a number of “send me a card from my album of favorites” tags. I don’t dip in too often because, you know, what are the odds I’ll have a card the person has marked as wanting? Well, it’s happened twice recently (though the second Postcrosser has yet to respond to my tag)! This gator is being mailed to Faches-Thumesnil, France.

Mail a Gator

The lovely merpug is off — by request — to Itzehoe, Germany.

postcard a Greetings from Paradise pug mermaid

Here’s another requested card, this one on its way to Riverside, California.

Red Panda

Ready for a Peanuts Gallery? I’d better send off this 2018 postcard while it’s still topical! Copies go to Itami and Tokyo, Japan.

Peanuts Snoopy Year of the DogThis is the moment when Lucy starts calling for iodine; it goes to a postpal in Peacehaven, East Sussex, U.K.

Peanuts Smak Snoopy and Lucy

Lucy & Schroeder are off to Kyoto, Japan.

postcard toon Peanuts Lucy Schroeder Hey

“My Favorite Peanuts” will go to Jinjiang City, Fujian, China.

Schulz Museum My Favorite Peanuts

The tiger, like one of my earlier cards shown here, is also headed for New Taipei City (but to a different recipient).

John cards TIGER

I pulled another name on Postcard United! The recipient in Hong Kong enjoys images of architecture, so I’m sending her an image of the grand main library in San Diego, California.

San Diego Central Library full

…and another Postcard United draw, this one going to Zheleznogorsk, Russia.


This third Postcard United draw goes to Hangzhou, China.

Frederick C Herrick 1921

This last card makes 23 I’ve chronicled this time around, and its a postcard of Kliban Cats! I love them. This card goes to a fellow fan in Taipei, Taiwan.

kliban snow cats

Stamps! Stickers! Washi tape! Do you see the durian washi tape I picked up on the second leg of my eating vacation: Singapore? Here and there you’ll also see puffy Tom & Jerry stickers, a silly online purchase that was awaiting me when I returned home. Kliban cat stickers also show up a lot in this batch of outgoing cards. I love Kliban cats. Dunno if I’ve ever mentioned that before…

Do you have any favorites this time around? Please let me know about them!



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If I Could Eat a Postcard: Received from China & Malaysia

I received a couple of REALLY tasty postcards this week:



A Postcrosser in Xiamen, Fujian, China sent me that Tian Jin crepe, the Jian Bing Guo Zi.  She wrote the postcard while enjoying some time in Xiamen Botanical Garden!  She tells me the park offers “really fresh air & beautiful views.”  I enjoy visiting botanical gardens when I travel, so I need to put Xiamen & its garden on the list.

Now about that jian bing guo zi: the sight of that made me need to find where I could get some, as soon as possible, close to home!  The very next day I was in Oakland’s Chinatown, at Tian Jin Dumplings, AKA “the dumpling window,” as it is not a walk-in restaurant, but merely a window along the street, which you might miss if you walk too briskly & are not paying attention.  I’ve been here previously, for the dumplings & bao, but this time it was all about the jian bing.  Here it is:

2016-02-05 11.58.39

I hear there is a bubble tea place in my own city that counts this dish among its offerings–we’ll see about that, at some point.

As for that card full of delicious fruit, it comes to me from Kota Kinabulu, Malaysia.  This was the first card sent out by a brand-new Postcrosser, and she listed every single fruit on the card!  She also tells me:

“My favorite fruit would be durian though it’s famous for its aroma/stench, haha.  Recently I ate some by the roadside fruit stall and boy it was good!”

Durians are the spiky things in the middle of the photo; two are complete, one is open, showing its tender insides.  Durian is known as “the king of fruits!”  Another saying for the fruit is “smells like hell, tastes like heaven!” And there are many places that do not allow the stuff on public transport (Singapore, for one).  It’s really tasty fresh, but just wait for that first burp…

Stamps, postmark, sticker, sketch: I like them all!  Can’t stop poking that puffy panda…


Received from China & Ukraine

Tasty arrivals through Postcrossing!


The beautiful rice dumpling at top comes from Fujian, China, where the sender tells me its “a traditional Chinese food, zongzi.  It’s very delicious…China has many kinds of nice food.” Yes, I love good Chinese food, including zongzi–which I have made many times!

That bread ring image was sent to me from Cherkasy, Ukraine. The card’s writer says its “our national bread called karaway.  Ukrainians use to bake it on weddings as a symbol of happiness for newly-wedded.”

Nice stamps, too!