A splash of color, with chocolate-flavored flavoring: Sent to Belgium, Japan, Russia, South Africa, & the United States

A colorful handful this time!


Five more lucky people in this world! I would be thrilled to receive any one of these postcards. =D

The three on the left are all “chunks of cardboard” going out in my favorite ongoing swap-bot trade.

Crunky went off to Goleta, California.  The box made for a rather small postcard, but still a very cool one, I think.  The candy was not good chocolate, didn’t taste great, but it was tolerable once I got used to it–just like a Nestle Crunch bar in that way.

I told the swapper in Geel, Belgium, to cut up that Toucan Sam card!  That is why I bought the cereal–several boxes of it–but I have ended up giving away every single one of these cube-craft panels, not saving one to put together myself!  Such a sad story.

The Hello Panda boxes always make for great postcards, I think.  This one went to a swapper in Brakpan, Gauteng, South Africa, with whom I have been paired previously.  I hope I have not sent her this before! I think most recently, I sent her part of a ginger ale box.  Scroll back in the blog & let me know, would you?  🙂

The two postcards on the right are for Postcrossing draws; the aloha Jetoy went off to Arkhangelsk, Russia.  In her profile, this Postcrosser wrote of the “white nights” where she lives.  I had to look that up, and I have to admit I like the idea of it being sunny at midnight.  She also mentions loving snow, and I admit to nothing there: I like it warm & light, year-round.  I don’t necessarily get it, but I like it.  Thrilled not to live near snow.

Finally, that beautiful view of beautiful Pacific Grove went to Hiroshima, Japan.

Illustrating the Point: Received from Belgium, China, & Taiwan


The Clamp postcard comes from Shanghai, China, in a Postcrossing Forum anime & manga trade.

The colorful card of sea lions balancing ice cream cones is part of a swap-bot “chunk-o-cardboard” trade, and it comes from the same member in Geel, Belgium who previously sent me the hippo card I also love.  I believe this is not really an ice cream snack, but actually a room-temperature biscuit, but perhaps the sender will come by to correct me if I am wrong.

Lastly, from Taichung, Taiwan, come the deliciously-illustrated Taiwanese foods, mine thanks to a USA-Asia tag trade on Postcrossing Forum.  The sender tells me:

“(Taiwan is) famous for its traditional snacks.  It’s cool you’ve tried before.  Maybe next time you could try the ones on this postcard.”

Stamps!  That rose one is printed directly on the manga postcard.