An Angry Fist Repeatedly, Repeatedly–Undeservedly–Shaking in My Inbox: Postcard United Update (Part 2)

Lastertime, I started sharing my first lot of cards received as a new “Postcard Uniter.” I’ll share 6 more today, plus the big inbox-busting trouble for which the site is currently apologizing.  For now, the cards.


The tasty-looking shrimp came to me from Malaysia, and the reading cats are from Gelnhausen, Germany.  The sender of that latter card writes:

“I hope you enjoy fall, my favorite season of the year!”

I can’t wait for spring’s return.

The card at top right is from Hong Kong, and the text printed above the image reads, “Cafe. Waiting. Love. Will you suddenly appear at the corner coffee shop.”  The sender’s message:

“I’m a coffee lover.  I like Illy cafe and cappuccino.  I drink 2-3 cups of coffee per day.  Cheers!”

The next card is from Luxembourg:

“My hobbies are art, photography, cars and traveling to Paris (only 2 hours by high-speed train)

A New Yorker cover!  That’s from Seoul, South Korea, and the sender shares a quote with me:

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” — George Adair

Finally, this time, from Göttingen, Germany, there’s the Einstein card.  The sender assked me if I knew of him.  Sigh.

Stamps, stickers, & washi tape: I love the otter stamp, because I love otters.


OH!  The angry fist, right!  Well, Postcard United started sending out emails with the subject line “Inactive account and late or non registration of Postcard.”  In pairs.  Multiple times.  I was starting to take it personally, but the message DOES begin “General Mail to All Members.”  Still, you know?

What follows is a scold-y missive reminding people to register the cards they receive, and some other stuff, with the added news that inactive members may find themselves removed from the site.  There is a good amount of there/they’re confusion, making it harder to follow; the leads at Postcard United are not fully comfortable with the English language, but neither are many people raised in that language and no other.

Anyhow, apparently users don’t like receiving constant repeats of this message over 4 days, because Postcard United has posted an apology on the front page of their site:


I’d forgive them more easily if they’d invest in a proofreader.