Do You Ever Come Unglued? Received from Austria & the U.S.

(In which I hear from two people with definite fixative issues)

I really enjoyed this collage made by a swap-botter someplace in California.  She was pretty proud of her Inuyasha art–but was mortified when I told her that it had come apart in my mailbox.


Here you can see the front & the back of the card: the insides, which only she was supposed to see.  We seem to have some sort of tablet package, and a calendar page.


She wanted to make me a new collage, but there was really no need for that, as the collage itself was fully intact, and the card had miraculously waited until it reached me to fall apart.  I did recommend to her that Mod Podge may be good as collage lacquer–but it’s no glue.

I think the sender of this next card may have used the same product.  This was supposed to be a Postcrossing Forum food package tag.  It’s from Graz, Styria, Austria.


Now, I love how she crammed as much writing as she could onto the card, even including a recipe.  But flip it over to see the food package, and all you see are shiny streaks:


Yes, I let her know.  She deserves to know.  According to Postcrossing, she’s been registered for 8+ years.  She’s sent fewer than 10 cards, I think, officially, so I assume she’s mostly been on the forum, as I have been lately.  Don’t know how many cards she’s been making herself, but she deserves to know that this product is a danger.  That gloss: do you think she used Chapstick?

UPDATE: I heard back from this sender, and she says she used a glue stick.

Have you had any issues like these?  Even glue sticks concern me, sometimes.  It’s worth at least putting a dot of 70 of tacky glue along the corners or edges.

Magical Places: Sent to Austria & Turkey

I decided to draw two more addresses through Postcrossing.


The view of Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara, California is on its way to a couple in Graz, Austria, a city they write is the second-biggest in the country.  This pair portrays themselves as being curious about people & places, and wanting to see views of those places, so I decided to send them this card, what I tell them is by no means the best view of a very beautiful area.   I do have a few “view” postcards in my “to-be-sent” stack, but I chose this one because of current events: an immense underground oil pipeline rupture that has sent more than 100,000 gallons of beauty-marring muck out into a nine-mile stretch of coastline.  This is not just an environmental disaster; Santa Barbara County depends upon tourism–and who would want to go there right now?

The retro, scalloped-edge postcard depicting a bit of Children’s Fairyland in Oakland, California goes to Istanbul, Turkey.  This Postcrosser enjoys cinema, theater and television, and says, I don’t have any particular cards that I would like to receive. Just it would be really nice if you write something about your city or your culture…” I thought she would enjoy reading a bit about this classic park–still alive & well–that served as inspiration for Walt Disney when he was planning a family attraction of his own.