Recycling Day! Received from Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Indonesia, & Malaysia

This time it’s all about postcards hand-hewn from food & other packaging, and received through trades on Postcrossing Forum and swap-bot. I love them! Sometimes at the supermarket, I’ll see a box of cereal or cookies, and all I can think about is: that’ll make a great postcard. And sometimes, that is the product’s absolute best function!

This wide-eyed panda came from Great Britain, and the sender tells me it is from a “Buttons ice cream box.”

postcard 367

The chocolatey bar came from Dresden, Germany:

I decided to send a card made out of a package of muesli bars to you. I sometimes eat muesli bars as a snack during long days at university. This sort is just granola with chocolate & honey. I prefer them them with additional cocoa flakes though.

Next up, from Malaysia, a very appealing former package. I love mango, but not the dried kind, which, despite the very fresh-looking photos on the box, is exactly what this product is:

It was bought by my mum when she visited Penang (a tourist attraction in Malaysia).

postcard 368

The Tikka Masala box is from the same region–Indonesia this time–and the sender writes:

I’m sending you this instant Tikka Masala spice mix, whereby all you have to do is dump in this mix, some chicken & potatoes, and voila, dinner is served!

The “Carneval” is from Finland, and the sender tells me it is a cookie:

‘Keksej√§’ is cookies in Finnish, ‘Kex’ is in Swedish. They are popular with children. I like them because they are quite cheap and there’s lot of them in the package. ūüôā

postcard 369

I can’t get so excited about the final postcard: a cigarette box. Well, at least something good came out of that whole enterprise. This is from Greece, and the sender writes:

We sell cigarettes in our shop. These superslims came out a few years ago. People can buy a carton or 1 pack. In England they have 10 or 20 in a pack. We have only 20’s. Wish you health, happiness & faith…


Onward & upward: it’s stamp & sticker time! These Indonesian stamps got canceled to within an inch of their lives.

postcard 371

postcard 370

Malaysian stamps make my day.

So Hard to Keep Track, Though: Sent to China, Greece, Hong Kong, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Taiwan, & Thailand

Lots of cards to show off this time: more than I can actually keep track of, as you’ll see. Mostly Postcrossing Forum tags, with a couple of Postcard United sends. Please let me know what you like!

I love sea otters! This one goes to Bangkok, Thailand–and I am jealous.

postcard 326 a

Trinidad, California goes to Lublin, Poland

postcard a California Trinidad

This beautiful tiger is headed for Hong Kong. Also to Diessen, Netherlands!

postcard020 MORRO BAY

The pelicans should land with a brand-new Postcrosser in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. Although he is participating in the forum tags, he has yet to upload a profile, which is always a disappointment to me.

postcard a Morro Bay pelicans

California Coast Highway 1 went off to Larissa, Greece, and the Grinch (from the Dr. Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden in Springfield, Massachusetts) went to Saitama, Japan.

postcard 360

Uhm, I didn’t do a good job keeping records on this next pair, but one is going to New Taipei City, Taiwan. This stuff is hard.

postcard 361

Here we have one off to Sarsborg, Norway. I hope the recipient enjoys this dramatic coastal scene.

postcard a California North Coast

Time for stamps, stickers, & washi tape. Do you have any favorites?

postcard 346postcard 345

postcard 359

postcard 362

postcard 365

“Despite What the News Have Said About Us…” Received from China, Greece, Malaysia, Netherlands, Russia, the Philippines, Singapore, and the U.S. **RANT INCLUDED!**

Let’s dive in!

Look at that cooool Totoro card!  Be sure to scroll down & see the stickers on the back, too.  A Postcrosser in Seattle, Washington sent this to me in a Postcrossing Forum tag trade.


Right next to Totoro is a scene from Singapore’s very colorful Haji Lane. ¬†I was able to request that card in another Postcrossing Forum tag–from the same person I’d received a similar card in this tag, a few months ago.

Then we go into the wild, sort of: Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.  The sender tells me:

“Greetings from Malaysia–a very warm country in South East Asia (avg. temperature: 30C). ¬†Malaysia is a country with multiple cultures and religions. ¬†Despite what the news have said about us, we still live in perfect harmony and celebrate all festival together. ¬†I grew up in a small town call Cameron Highlands, a famous cool hill resorts which had average temperature of 16C throughout the year. ¬†It is famous for its tea growing, vegetables farming and flower nurseries. ¬†Now I live in the capital city–Kuala Lumpur. ¬†But I still visit my parents back in Cameron Highlands during holidays.

Panda time: it comes from China, in another PF tag trade.


Also from China is that colorful Shanghai skyline, sent to me by an Instagram friend who’d been noticing my postcard posts, and put out a call to his friends who would like to see postcards while he was traveling in China & Taiwan.

Oh, there’s a story behind that orca card. ¬†And by behind it, I mean regarding the back side.

I flipped the tag over to find a taped-on block of orca info printed out from Wikipedia. ¬†C’mon. ¬†After that, the sender jammed in a handwritten hi-how-are-you-hope-you-enjoy-this-card-take-care, and a scrawled hieroglyph of an initial. ¬†I know the card came from Seattle, Washington, because it was clear in the postmark (clear postmarks never being a guarantee), but I didn’t know the venue (Postcrossing Forum? ¬†swap-bot?), or the user name. ¬†I had to spend some time going through my inbox looking for possible senders of this card, then trying to match those possibilities with locations in their profiles. ¬†UGH!

I wish everyone using these sites would take greater care and PLEASE neatly print the following:

  • The date (postmarks are not always clear–or present)
  • Trade venue (Postcrossing Forum? ¬†swap-bot?)
  • Exact name of trade (many have similar names, and much trading is rapid)
  • User name (c’mon)

End rant, let’s go to Manila, Philippines. This card was received via Postcard United, and the sender tells me about “the Philippine jeepney–a unique mode of transportation here in my country.” ¬†They sound like an adventure!


Next, from Athens, Greece via a tag trade, comes the candy package, the contents of which are described by the sender as “ION Baloo, amazing butter candies.” ¬†Onto the back of the card, she glued a panel from a box of tea I assume she also likes. ¬†Scroll down & you’ll see it.

I got a colorful card & message from the Netherlands, in a regular Postcrossing incoming:

“I love the USA, I practically visit every year. ¬†I’ve seen quite a lot of it…last visit was to San Francisco, what a beautiful city! ¬†In daily life, I’m a nurse because I love to take care of people. ¬†It was like a calling for me.”


Another Postcrossing card: it’s the cannon, & it’s from a real estate agent in Moscow, Russia. ¬†He printed out his message & glued it to the card–I’m assuming it has to do with English skills. ¬†This reminds me of another card I received recently, which I guess I’ll include in a later post (if I don’t lose it).

Last up, from somewhere in Minnesota via swap-bot, is that cereal. ¬†The sender tells me, “for ‘diet’ food, it’s actually pretty good.”

Okay, time to look at all of the stamps, stickers, & stuff.  The Totoro on the 1st image looks like a stamp, but is just part of the postcard printing.  My favorite 3 stamps down here, in order of scrolling appearance, are the spoonbill (U.S.), the chicken (Singapore), and the flowers (Malaysia.  How about for you?




Here is Really No Fun: Received from Canada, Germany, Greece, Japan, & the U.S.

I love this postcard of Astro Boy (AKA Mighty Atom) & friends which came to me from a sender in Tokyo, Japan, thanks to a Postcrossing Forum trade in which the person tagging looks at the recipients favorite cards, and sends one they think would be appreciated. ¬†I do appreciate it, and I love the Doraemon stickers on the back, too! ¬†Scroll to the bottom of the post to see those. ¬†This card’s sender tells me:

“I have a 3-year-old son and a newborn daughter. ¬†I work as a software engineer. ¬†I sent you this card of ATOM!! ¬†Wishing you peace and health from Japan.”


I love, love, love that Astro postcard.

Then comes the Japanese food–NOT sent to me from Japan. ¬†It’s from Riverside, California, in another Postcrossing Forum “see my favorites” tag, and the sender writes:

“I hope that you are having an especially lovely day today. ¬†This card gives me a serious sushi craving. ¬†I love a good rainbow roll. ¬†Surprisingly, there are some great sushi places here in the desert.”

This Snoopy¬†nengajŇć is awesome. ¬†It’s another card from Tokyo, in a Postcrossing Forum Peanuts tag, bringing me “best wishes for a happy and prosperous new year.” ¬†Wonderful Doraemon stamp on the back, too! ¬†NengajŇć: why, why, why is this not a thing here in the U.S.? ¬†No new years greetings, and not much of an emphasis on the Lunar New Year… which reminds me of an NPR interview I heard this weekend with 97-year-old¬†Chinese cuisine icon Cecilia Chang:

(NPR’S NEDA)¬†ULABY: But as much as Chiang loves the Lunar New Year, she misses being in countries where everyone is celebrating it.

CHIANG: Here is really no fun.

Y U P !


Then we have–donuts?–from Friedberg, Germany. ¬†Sounds appropriate! ¬†This comes my way thanks to Postcard United. ¬†The sender tells me:

“I live here with my 74 year old mother and I take care of her. ¬†I wish you all the best.”

More food, thanks to a swap-bot trade of recycled cardboard.  It came to me from Greece, where the sender wrote:

“Bye Bye 2016! ¬†This is my last postcard for 2016 and that’s good. ¬†Besides the famous people who died, I lost family & friends. ¬†It’s been a lousy year for death. ¬†On the other hand, we made a profit during ‘the season,’ we aren’t hungry and going further into debt.”

So there’s that.

COFFEE TIME! That came to me from Virginia in a swap-bot trade, and¬†¬†it got me wondering as to whether Chase & Sanborn Coffee still exists, so I looked it up–and it does! It is now owned by the same Italian company that also bought up Chock full o‚ÄôNuts, and the company website taught¬†some stuff about that brand:

“Chock full o’Nuts coffee houses are very widespread, especially in the Northeast of the United States. They serve top quality, 100% Arabica coffee, as well as the well-known date nut bread and a wide range of refreshing drinks.”



Finally now, a card from another WordPresser! Melissa in Canada sent me a very Canadian card, indeed: flag on the front, hockey player stamps on the back!  You can see them, plus Doraemon, and all the stamps, stickers & postmarks below.




I Hate Ketchup, & I Don’t Like Having to Play Catch Up: Received from Canada, China, Greece, Italy, Singapore, & the U.S.

It’s a silly thing, isn’t it? ¬†I don’t want to have to post huge lots of postcards at a time (like the 8 here today), nor do I want to have to post too often–but I do enjoy having at least one postcard waiting for me when I check my mailbox each day! ¬†I really just need to get over myself.

I just love the first postcard, depicting Singapore‘s Haji Lane. ¬†I love it so much, I asked for it! ¬†I received it in one of the Postcrossing Forum “you choose” tags in which I’ve been participating lately, where we post the cards we have available, and the person tagging us chooses which one we are to send.

I love it so much, because I’ve stood there, myself! ¬†I took this photo:


That mural is on the side of a Mexican restaurant. ¬†Yup, a Mexican restaurant in Singapore. ¬†I can’t tell you how the food was, because I didn’t try it, but I sure did love the mural!



The card’s sender asks:

“Can you tell me what is your favorite food in Singapore? ¬†I like Hainan Chicken Rice and Hokkien Prawn Mee.”

I ate an awful lot of wonderful food while I was in Singapore, but I told her that one meal that stood out as a favorite was the buah keluak at Daisy’s Dream Kitchen. ¬†An interesting fact about buah keluak: it’s a nut, that in its natural state, contains cyanide. It must be treated before it is eated.

The card beneath the Haji Lane card is of Hainan Dongshan Ridge in China.  It comes to me via a Postcrossing Forum China Meets the World tag, and the sender writes:

“Hainan is the southwest province in our country. ¬†It is very beautiful. ¬†I have been there when I was 12 years old. ¬†Maybe you can travel there when you visit China!”

Next up is the reindeer, which is the last card of 3 I received from somewhere around Hartford, Connecticut in a swap-bot trade of modified postcards. ¬†I was pretty proud of the ones I sent out. ¬†At first, I didn’t realize this postcard had been stamped up–and then I noticed the muddy penguins.

Let’s look at the touristy cards next. ¬†The Greetings From Canada card is a surprise from Melissa, and the Lago di Garda is a regular Postcrossing send from Brescia, Italy. ¬†The sender tells me about herself:

“I live near a beautiful lake. ¬†I love painting and I am now studying the Japanese painting. ¬†I remember a beautiful Japanese garden in San Francisco. ¬†ūüôā ¬†“


I find that “Hello from Cape May, N.J.” card very odd. ¬†Never mind that font reflected off the water: it seems as if the entire thing were pasted together. ¬†Do you think the bird & boat were originally in the photo? ¬†I sure don’t. ¬†This is from a swap-bot “postcard roulette” trade, and the sender writes:

“I saw that you like beaches so I am sending this PC. ¬†It is one of my favorite sunset beaches. ¬†I checked out your flickr photos and must say, I LOVE your toy photos…very creative and fun. ¬†When I’m geocaching, I take photos of a small stuffed bear but the toys are great.”

The next card, depicting a butterfly brooch, is also from the postcard roulette trade, and came to me from New Orleans, Louisiana. What I love about this card is what is on the BACK: 2 old bird stamps & a puffy Snoopy sticker. ¬†You’ll see all that down below.


The last card comes from Greece, & was hewn from a box of cigarettes. ¬†It’s another swap-bot trade, this one of “upcycled cardboard,” and then sender tells me more than I ever wanted to know about cigs:

“We sell cigarettes in our shop. ¬†These superslims came out a few years ago. ¬†People can buy a carton or 1 pack. ¬†In England they have 10 or 20 in a pack. ¬†We only have 20’s. ¬†Wishing you health, happiness & faith.”

I chuckled at that last part, about health.

Okay, time for stamps, postmarks, stickers, & washi tape.  Lots of good stuff down here.



An Extreme Discoloration: Received from Brazil, Germany, Greece, Russia, and the U.S.


The food photo (?) is from a Postcrosser in¬†Ja√ļ,¬†S√£o Paulo, Brazil. This is such an odd food card–why would they process the image like this? I can neither tell what it is, nor agree that it looks delicious. ¬†By the way, translating the caption printed on the card’s back, I learned that this dish is Duck with Tucupi and A√ßa√≠ . ¬†To which I responded: what is tucupi?

Tucupi is a yellow sauce extracted from wild manioc root in Brazil’s Amazon jungle. It is also produced as by-product of manioc flour manufacture. … The tucupi can then be used as a sauce in cooking.

Okay, thank you, Wikipedia! ¬†I’ll share part of the sender’s message:

“Here is very hot all year long and we almost not feel the winter. ¬†I also like reading and good food. ¬†A√ßa√≠ is awesome! ¬†A delicious fruit.”

The gull card is from a Postcrosser in Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, Germany. ¬†She tells me¬†that her city is…

“…a cosy town with 160,000 inhabitants. ¬†The city is located not far from the coast. ¬†And I love it! ¬†I have always lived close to the sea, sometimes I caught a glimpse and even saw whales! ¬†I envy you for seeing otters once in a while at the coast. ¬†I really love them. ¬†‚̧ ¬†So cute! ¬†Right now, I’m sitting on a train to Berlin, Germany’s capital. ¬†I always like to go there (today for attending a business conference) because the city is so interesting and wild. “

That delicious-looking chocolatey treat came to me from¬†Athens, Greece, thanks to a Postcrossing Forum trade, and I can’t recall getting a card from that country before now. ¬†I LOVE the octopus stamp on the back. ¬†Let’s not even wait; let’s get a close-up look at that right this second:



Back to regular Postcrossing draws, that card full of sweet illustrations is from Russia.  The sender writes:

“You said about reading and eating. ¬†I think it’s really amazing things. ¬†Reading about food and places is interesting and useful. ¬†It’s so cool to travel and eat different dishes in different countries. ¬†Do you know, my dream is to try anything interesting in Michelin starred restaurant. ¬†Also I want to try molecular cuisine. ¬†My favorite cuisine is Italian.”

She and I are not born meal companions; my dream involves standing on a busy street, ordering¬†amazing Asian delicacies as scooters whiz around & between me and the cook. ¬†Okay, the traffic actually makes me nervous, but that’s where a whole lot of wonderful food is being prepared.

Finally, if I’m going to remember that wonderful food, I’m going to need a camera–and that came to me from McKinney, Texas. It’s thanks to a swap-bot ad/free card trade, and by the way, one of my partners to whom I sent a card in that opted not to give me that extra heart. ¬†Despite the assortment of stamps I used, and the washi tape, and almost assuredly a sticker or rubber-stamped image, PLUS my average of 13 lines of text–NOPE. ¬†I’m thinking perhaps I need to start taping cold, hard cash to my swap-bot sends.

But I digress.

As usual.

The postcard: the sender wrote, “I was so impressed with your profile! ¬†I am sending this since you like photography.”

I like the stickers she put on (you’ll see), especially the funny li’l kangaroo sporting a pool floaty duck. ¬†Let’s get to it: let’s take a look at the stamps, stickers, & stuff:



Received from England, Finland, and the United States

Another batch from both Postcrossing & swap-bot:


Clockwise from the left, the first two cards came to me through a swap-bot “not my country, not yours” postcard trade. ¬†I’m sure you can figure out that theme on your own! ¬†The beautiful mountainside image–a scene from Brazil–comes to me from Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. ¬†If the sender got the card during a vacation in Brazil, she doesn’t mention it or leave that impression.

The sender of the card featuring images of Cyprus, Greece, did visit her “not her country.” ¬†She is from, as she puts it, “Snowy Finland,” and she says she would go spend more time there any time. ¬†In Cyprus, she says, “in addition to swimming and sunbathing we were able to try paragliding, quad biking and go-karting for the first time!”

The Jemima Puddle-Duck card came to me from England, from a woman writing in the guise of her three-year-old daughter.  I let her know that 3 is not too soon for her daughter to be actually involved in her hobby as an early-literacy activity, and the two of them can share the duties and have fun.

I really love the snowman stamp!